Debby Handrich- October 15, 2019
Debby Handrich is the creator of Story U Talk Radio where she shares conversations with authors and encourages people to write their brands, blogs, books, and especially their love letters. She was an Associate Professor in Washington State for over 20 years, teaching writing and literature to adults from diverse backgrounds. She operated the publishing program and literary magazine – Spindrift – which won first place in the nation as best college publication in 2007 and repeatedly held the winning title in the western region. In 2012, a dream came true when Todd Alan asked Debby to be his producer and co-host of Life Mastery Radio. For seven years, Debby researched and invited cutting edge thought leaders to join her & Todd for fireside chats on the weekly show you are listening to now! This work inspired her to lean toward her heart’s desire and help people write their books. She retrained with Hay House authors, Alan Cohen and Robert Holden, and Coach Debby of Story U was born.
Meet Coach Debby

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