Our recent guest, Edie Raether has always been knowledgeable ahead of her time.

What I’ve been doing for over 50 years in neuroplasticity, brain science, and hypnosis is coming into the mainstream. Science is finally catching up with me.”

Edie Raether

Edie feels angry with the medical model that relies on medication to treat our ills. She claims what the mind sees the body believes.

There are so many warnings and side effects with drugs, but the worst thing with hypnosis is you learn to be more mindful…and that’s a good thing. We cannot let our circumstances determine our thought patterns and well-being.”

Edie Raether

At almost 80 years old Edie has been speaking since 1970. She is a CSP – Certified Speaking Professional, which is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speaker’s Association. She has empowered thousands of Fortune 500 companies with her vibrant stage presence and uplifting messages about human potential and behavioral psychology.

Edie lives an active lifestyle still skiing on both water and snow. Her goal is to change the way the world thinks, even if people live in a toxic home environment. She is most excited about motivating people, and finds it inspiring to share her story…

I was a single parent with a very successful therapy practice. I made a lot of money from one hundred speaking gigs a year. I trusted the wrong person and lost every dime I had; five million dollars to be exact.

I went from living in a house you’d see reading Home and Garden Magazine and watching HGTV; to living in a rusted out FEMA trailer. No running water, no electricity, no plumbing.

I never once doubted I was going to make it out. Doubt is like a cancer. I would walk the causeway every day and visualize what I wanted. I didn’t know how I’d get it, but I knew I would.

I wasn’t unhappy. It was during that time when I wrote my seven books. I had thoughts, ideas, and a computer attached to an extension cord going to my neighbor’s house. I was living life on purpose. After 15 months I bought a house on a lake in Charlotte North Carolina.

Be creative. Be resourceful. Don’t quit. Keep focused. Once the picture is in your mind it becomes crystalized, and you can’t stop it. Once you program your mind God and the universe will give it to you.

I now run a couple of Air B & B’s on the lake.”

Despite Edie’s years of successes, she feels her legacy will be the program she’s developed for kids. She talks about the brain science of her program on the TED stage. You can listen to her talk here:

I Believe I Can Fly is a book, soundtrack, guided meditation, and a blanket. Through 5 characters who climb a mountain together to discover magic, Edie has written about the social challenges that kids experience. Readers will relate to at least one character and learn about their own magic.

The program serves as an anchor to teach values, emotions, and behaviors. Kids discover the magic is in already inside them and they can transform to their greatness.”

Edie Raether

In Edie’s book, Winning! She shares that almost every notable person (Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Carol Burnett, etc.) had inspiration between the ages of 5-9 in which they saw a flash of their greatness and understood their purpose.

When kids use the I Believe I Can Fly program wrapped in their blanket,  they have a flash of their greatness. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Edie Raether

Look at Edie’s magic here Wingsforwishes.com Buy her program for a special child in your life.

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