For those of you saying, “I’m tired,” “I’ve done everything I know to do,” and “I don’t know what else I can do” our recent guest, Treveal C.W. Lynch is someone to pay attention to. Perhaps you are exhausted from all the effort you are exerting and the hard work you are putting in day after day, only to feel you are never enough.

I completely get it! I needed to hear his message!

Treveal is a Self-Worth Specialist, and author of the book What Is Enough. He founded iamthepossible®, and preaches:

The greatest thing you will ever become, is accepting of WHAT you already (are)

Treveal C.W. Lynch
Treveal C.W. Lynch

The “C.W.” represents his father: Christopher Westley. Treveal was estranged from his father for many years. Once reunited, Treveal found forgiveness and now honors his father by making him a part of all he does, and everything he is a part of.

Don’t dare leave out the C.W.

Treveal C.W. Lynch

Despite Treveal’s efforts to teach you and I about our significance, he was once feeling very worthless.

At the age of 20 Treveal was held at gunpoint and robbed for $120 of weed. The robbers demanded three times, “Give me what you have.”

When Treveal was unwilling to give them the marijuana, the trigger was pulled.

The gun failed to fire.

Look how worthless I felt. I was willing to be shot for a bag of weed. Are YOU willing to live beneath your true value?”

Treveal C.W. Lynch

A year after he was robbed at gunpoint, Treveal committed grand theft at a bistro to it’s owner. He was facing a 15-year prison sentence.

While still in jail, a county sheriff invited those in custody to attend a church service on Sunday morning.

All I wanted to do was get out of the cell block. I was not religious but was being offered 60 minutes to leave my cell, and I took it.”

Treveal C.W. Lynch

It was during the service Treveal heard a story of Jesus. The message he received from the sermon was clear and life-changing:


You smoked weed, robbed people at gunpoint, broke into buildings and vandalized them, cussed people out, beat people up, and YOU ARE ACCEPTED. With all of your mess, all of your crap, all of your failings, all of your flaws, all of your ugliness, all of your brokenness – I still accept you.

That turned everything around for Treveal. He had been feeling like an outsider, and now belonged to something. He was ACCEPTED.

His pastor came to Treveal’s rescue, and with an attorney friend convinced the judge to allow Treveal to pay his victim back the money he had robbed him. If he agreed to this arrangement, the bistro owner was willing to drop all charges and clean up Treveal’s record.

Treveal was released, went to work, and over time paid all the money back.

Self-awareness is the concept of being aware we are in the right place to BE enough, HAVE enough, and know we’ve ACHIEVED enough.”

Treveal C.W. Lynch

We can live FROM our worth and not FOR our worth.

WHO you are is your identity. WHY you are is the intention of your creator. WHAT you are is your investment to life. You are created to BE a contribution. WHAT tells you WHY you are.”

Treveal C.W. Lynch

Treveal suggests we ADVOCATE for the ALREADY and focus on digging within ourselves to discover WHAT’S already inside us.

WHAT do you do naturally?

WHAT do you think naturally?

WHAT makes you cry naturally and laugh naturally?

WHAT do you naturally gravitate toward?

WHAT social issues in the world naturally pull your heart strings?

WHAT do you do naturally that makes people remark, “You do that so well”?

WHAT is already there. Our WHAT will be pulled out when we take time to self-observe.

You would do well to read Treveal’s book, and to listen to his podcasts. WHAT are you waiting for?

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