Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, Tony Rezac teaches his clients that heroes are not always larger than life; they are everyday people who simply create a new version of themselves.

Tony Rezac, is the author of Body and Soul the Essential Handbook for Men, and a coach. He offers The Life Renewal Program for Men as a 6-week workshop.

Men’s issues are the same they’ve always been:

  • Finances
  • Career/job
  • Marriage
  • Stress

Men are taught to handle problems on their own, leave the struggles packed inside, and don’t share them. Tony’s workshops give men permission to be strong in their expression, to gather resources with other men, identify their struggles, and build bridges with other men. He helps men frame their life as a hero’s journey.

“The first essential of masculinity is to KNOW YOUR MISSION.”

I create a world of _______________ by ___________________. 

“A man’s voice will change when he discovers his mission. It resonates in his being. A man’s mission may include his job or career. It may also include volunteering, or other ways to express what he stands for.”

Tony Rezac believes men are very emotional creatures. Like dogs in a pack, men read the emotions of others, but don’t always share their own emotions. Five basic emotions are: anger | sadness | joy | fear | shame. A man can learn to expresses each emotion, especially joy, sadness and shame.

A man can make great strides through emotional awareness because he will improve in self-care, communication, and deep friendships. Men are doers, they solve problems; and they can be taught to show emotion in all of life’s transitions.

“It’s not a competition, it’s a connection.”

Men, what’s your real legacy? Do you have heart to heart connections? Have you helped others be more courageous and true?

Tony Rezac is a guy’s, guy who played college sports. At 37 he began to feel isolated and without friends. He discovered his mission, and is intent to help you find yours. It’s your birthright to be part of a men’s wisdom circle.

“You can carry whatever you want to the finish line, but when you give up something that’s holding you back, you become lighter and faster.”

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