Our first Life Mastery Radio episode of 2023 featured the producer of a new compilation book titled Developed Thru Darkness The Difference Between Being Planted and Being Buried and three additional authors of the book…including me (Jackie Bailey).

Orrick Quick, Sr.; Cynthia James-Jones; Karissa Donovan; Jackie Bailey

Orrick Quick, Sr.

When asked the reason for producing a book like this with 20 authors, Orrick shared an illustrative, personal story about when his young daughter went through a phase of having regular nightmares.

One night when he heard his daughter screaming in horror while still asleep, Orrick pleaded in prayer for a way to comfort his daughter.

Contrary to what our natural reaction might be – to wake our child up from a nightmare, God whispered to Orrick a different answer:

Don’t wake her up. The enemy in her dream has convinced her she’s fighting alone. Instead of taking her out of the fight, empower her IN the fight.

While his daughter continued to cry in her sleep, Orrick whispered in her ear, “Daddy is here, mommy is here, and Jesus is here. You don’t have to fight by yourself.”

His daughter never woke up and yet stopped crying.

We are often convinced we are fighting alone.”

Orrick Quick, Sr.

Orrick feels we can whisper to others in their pain and fear “…you are not alone in this fight”. That is the purpose of Developed Thru Darkness.

“It’s a blessing and a huge accomplishment to be able to put thoughts on paper and give them away so others can be enlightened and empowered.”

Orrick Quick, Sr.

Orrick himself has been in dark places throughout his life – even when not yet born. His mother was diagnosed with Lupus while pregnant with him.

Despite the warning from her doctor saying her son would be born with horrible health problems or unable to live at all, his mother had Oak Tree Faith to see that Orrick would be given a chance at life.

It’s particularly moving to learn Orrick’s mother died when Orrick was only 15 years old, and that Orrick held her in his arms while she took her final breath.

Orrick’s mother had held on to faith for her unborn son, and that same son held onto his mother in her last minutes.

“When you find yourself in a dark place, it’s difficult to know if you’re being planted or being buried. This book is to teach people they can make it out of their dark place one day at a time.”

Orrick Quick, Sr.

Cynthia James-Jones is one of the authors in Developed Thru Darkness who joined us for this episode.

“I was born to battle but didn’t know how to use the tools I’d been given.”

Cynthia James

The opportunity to be part of this book gave Cynthia a chance to write her story on paper for the very first time. Her story is one of brutal abuse and evil. When she thought she’d found light with which to escape the darkness of her youth by becoming a Wiccan Witch, Cynthia only witnessed more evil.

“The enemy got his foothold on my life, but I, with resilient toughness and grit, found my amazing gifts. Now I help youth do the same.”

Cynthia James

Karissa Donovan is an additional author who joined us for the show. The trauma of her childhood has had lasting effects for her physically.

“Trauma has a tremendous impact on our overall health. Trauma is stress, and stress is the number one cause of our dis-ease.”

Karissa Donovan

Karissa is now a Holistic Health Practitioner. The opportunity to be part of Developed Thru Darkness has helped her heal. In fact, Karissa had buried her own feelings related to the abuse when she was young. To create her chapter she had to revisit all her emotions.

Besides my own chapter in Developed Thru Darkness titled, Happily, Even After, two of my young students Uma (11) and Aashvi (12) are also contributing authors in this newly published book.

It’s such a joy that all these authors are connecting with others and lighting their unlit candle with their own flame.

Get your copy of Developed Thru Darkness produced by Orrick Quick, Sr. as well as his other book Your Reign is Over.

Orrick will soon be publishing another compilation book Pink is my Favorite Color Embracing the Battle.

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