Janine Bolan March 15, 2022
Janine “Dancing Crow” Bolon is a Sacred Clown, Shaman, Bell Dancer and First Chakra Healer.
She provides shamanistic healing by the use of Totem Animals for Relationships, Wealth and Life Path Challenges.   Walking the Medicine Wheel is a process Shamans of many different cultures have used for centuries to focus their metaphysical gifts to create positive change in their environments, relationships and physical bodies.   Many of the wheels that Janine has walked have been used to give thanks to the Great Spirit, to create a change or were used to release a tradition back to Source. Of the 15+ different tribes she has worked with, each uses the Wheel in a different way and with different intentions. 
Janine will be speaking to the more intimate, personal uses of the Medicine Wheel.
Expressing the Divine is the third installment in Janine Bolon’s Divine Series. 
Meet Janine Bolon

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