I think I was born with a divine gift to be connected. I’ve always been a spiritual being. I love the expansive world.”

Elliott Robertson has created a lyrical, soaring, small and intimate book, Say Yes to Life: 7 Keys to Living Full Out from Within, that guides the reader to a renewed commitment to love life without conditions.

Elliott Robertson

Elliott Robertson started in The Unity Church; became a Quaker; then joined the Episcopal Church. He claims to experience his true self in a spiritual setting.

To say yes to life is to fall into your heart, to fall into the place within you where you are most fully human, most available to encountering the world with love.”

Elliott Robertson

Elliot encouraged us on the show today to go beyond the “monkey mind”, step out of self-made prisons, and say yes to our uniqueness.

Elliott described times in his life when he would compare his want to the abundance others had, and experience jealousy, bitterness, and anger.

I didn’t think I was capable of doing anything other than an entry level job. It didn’t feel fair.”

Overhearing a conversation and the word “uplift” mentioned therein, Elliott knew “that was the word for me”.

I began to take ownership and blame for the ways I had contributed to my situation.”

Elliott Robertson

The first key is “Say yes to EXPANSIVENESS”

Everything I do now is about service and transformation.”

Elliott Robertson

There is an overall increase in depression, especially in our youth. Elliott is hoping his book will be a marinade of self-care.

It’s like a bubble bath at the end of the day.”

Elliott Robertson

The Second Key is “Say yes to your UNIQUENESS.”

We came to the world with unique gifts to share. We should feel comfortable sharing them.

When you’re in your heart, that’s where your true self is. Your divinity. Embrace who you are. The heart is always saying yes. We are unique magnifying glasses for God.”

Elliott Robertson

Elliott mentioned a few other keys:

“Say yes to GRIEF”

“Say yes to HAPPINESS and JOY”

(You’ll have to read Elliott’s book to learn the other KEYS that make a complete 7)

A reason (or two) to read Elliott’s book:

  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Focus more on spiritual growth
  • Trust the universe more
  • Feel happiness and joy
  • Break free from your self-made prison
  • Attain more intimacy and openness

Listen to, and watch, our interview with Elliott Robertson

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