Dr. Nahla Khaddage Bou-Diab October 12, 2021
Dr. Nahla Khaddage Bou-Diab is the COO of AM Bank, and Head of Women Empowerment for the World Union of Arab Bankers. As the first woman holding this title in Lebanon, Dr. Khaddage Bou-Diab is a widely renown expert in building innovative, collaborative, & highly resilient organizations. 
She earned her doctorate from the University of Liverpool for her research on Spirituality in the Organization, and has been recognized with the highest honors, earning 7 awards for Leadership Excellence.
Turning a hardship into profound personal growth is absolutely possible—even in the face of insurmountable challenges. Her book is simple yet powerful: Untamable: Claim Your Power, Live Fearlessly, and Become Unstoppable. 
Meet Dr. Nahla Khaddage Bou-Diab

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