Jeremy McDonald Oct 11, 2022
Jeremy McDonald is a Spiritual Healer and teacher, a Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, and Life Coach.
He is The Storytelling Alchemist.
Jeremy has designed and delivered many workshops to assist individuals helping them find peace and joy in their lives. Looking from an inside soul perspective, they are able to overcome fears, alchemizing them into love.
With Jeremy’s Extensive experience spanning over 25 years, his clients find balance, peace, joy, and true sublime self love. ​ Jeremy has a real affinity for the “Living Room Workshop.” But he is equally comfortable serving as Key Note Speaker for Expos, Colleges, Professional Conferences
His book, Peace Be Still: A Path to Self-Awareness, Love, Abundance, and Harmony 2nd Edition is available on Amazon.
Meet Jeremy McDonald

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