Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos, have been are among the world’s premiere experts in the science and application of personal transformation having a combined 45 years and 86,000 hours experience helping people transform their lives. Their practical approach makes this potentially complex information easy to understand, accessible to anyone and immediately applicable. Open yourself up to experiencing life in a whole new way when you see the possibilities for creating a successful life and business that impacts the lives of millions, sharing relationships with people who make you feel grateful to be alive, and enjoying unprecedented levels of health and vitality.

Recognize the deepest driver of human behavior in yourself and others

Learn why people make choices not to change, in spite of rational evidence that it would be beneficial to do so

Help people quickly bypass their resistance to change by accessing the nervous system in ways previously known only to a few

Overcome the blind spots and emotional blocks that hinder innovation and progress

Become versed in the neurophysiology of purpose, mission, and motivation

Employ the 7 C’s of Influence to ensure you command the attention of any room

The Science of Influence Workshop

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