Has your life ever felt like a Rubik’s Cube? Have experiences beyond your control gotten you out of alignment with who you know you are or want to be? Are you tired of trying repeatedly to line up needs of your life with what you want, and failing?

Wendy Darling has been called an enigma, a miracle worker, and a fairy godmother. Although these are names others have given her, she admits to be very creative, connected, and strategic when it comes to opening the minds of her clients to the miracles of life – the solution to the Rubik’s Cube, perhaps.

Albert Einstein said there are two ways to look at life. Either nothing is a miracle, or everything is.”

Wendy Darling

Wendy explains miracles can be a surprise phone call, an unexpected opportunity, and/or a new perspective.

Miracles are everywhere all the time. Pay attention to what you’re grateful for. What really matters? There are blessings with every challenge, and always opportunity.

Wendy Darling

Wendy hasn’t always looked at life this way. She wrote her book, Create your Miraculous Life – It’s Never Too Late during the Covid -19 pandemic. She was facing the age of 70 straight on, and her son suffered from a serious illness.

My life was feeling un-miraculous. I was forced to dig deep and find a way to make the shift.”

Wendy Darling

Wendy herself had a life-changing accident 30 years ago. She was scheduled to travel for business, and despite being sick, forced her workaholic self to get to the airport. While there, she fainted and fell 25 feet.

I bungee jumped without the cord.”

Wendy Darling

Her right leg was shattered, her back fractured, and Wendy suffered a traumatic brain injury which wasn’t immediately diagnosed. At the time she wasn’t sure she’d walk again, and then she was brought to her knees.

On week four of my hospital stay, my husband arrived with bags packed and announced he was leaving me. At the divorce hearing, he was awarded full custody of our 4-year-old son. This was the final blow. There was nothing left in my life which defined my identity. I was praying for a miracle.

Wendy Darling

Taking a suggestion from her mother, Wendy began to mediate for the first time in her life. She learned that her mind and body would only relax when she allowed a melodic type of singing to awaken and be released from inside her. She would meditate and sing in the closet.

Soon after that, Wendy became aware of her intuitiveness and ability to see the energetic field of others.

Little by little I accepted who I was and began to work with the Miraculous Living Method.”

Wendy Darling

Wendy says her method creates a unique frequency in a person which allows the undercurrent of their past experiences to be released. They are no longer held back. Her method includes brain and mind training, so their deepest desires are achieved.

Like completing the Rubik’s cube, clients’ results come easier and faster. People Wendy works with make more money, attract loving relationships, heal from emotional trauma, lose weight, etc.

I feel very blessed that I can offer this today – healing the past to design the future. The undercurrent of your past experience is taken care of by the process, and you don’t have to relive experiences to benefit from the process.

Wendy Darling

Wendy says it’s important for us to take a step back and decide what we really want. Whatever IT is, we need to be honest and reach out for support. She offers a jumpstart package teaching her methodology. A typical time to work with her is three months once a week.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you really want your life to look like?”

Wendy Darling

Miracles are a co-creative experience. We must be asking for miracles, then be open to receive them. And love has everything to do with it.

When we love we can positively impact thousands of people because of the vibration and energy we put off. I fill myself up first, then send love to my neighborhood, town, and my state. We can help our world get into a much healthier place. The one thing you can do to shift your life is provide for yourself and serve someone else.”

Wendy Darling

Wendy includes a prayer at the end of each chapter of her book. She did so because prayer helps people connect to the higher power of universal intelligence and opens our hearts and ears to our inner guidance system.

On Wendy’s website (HERE) you’ll find an RQ Assessment (Relationship Quotient) which you can take to learn about the ways you interact with others.

Be sure to contact Wendy because she can provide the rubric to that dang unsolvable Rubik’s Cube! Want a jumpstart? Email: Wendy@WendyDarling.com

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