Clare Goldsberry Jan 25, 2022
After helping her significant other, Brent, go through eighteen months of living with and eventually dying from esophageal cancer, Clare Goldsberry wanted to share not only his story of fearless living and graceful dying, but also include the broader picture of what living fearlessly and dying gracefully means for all of us.
As a Hospice volunteer for two years after Brent’s death, she became acutely aware of just how important it is not only for the dying person and the person’s family and friends to understand living and dying.
Clare’s book,THE ILLUSION OF LIFE AND DEATH: MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND ETERNAL BEING helps readers understand, “The end of this lifetime is as important and miraculous as the beginning. It truly is a time to celebrate the life—and the death—of the person.”
Meet Clare Goldsberry

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