Natural Laws govern nature as part of a grand organizational design.”

Brian Trzaskos

Brian Trzaskos returned as our guest on November 26th. He is the co-creator of Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching with his wife, Ani Anderson.

I thought I knew what natural laws were – I use them every day; but Brian added a “whole” new perspective to Natural Laws, discussing three of them during our show.

Natural Laws are:

  • Omnipresent
  • Persistent
  • Non-judgmental

Based on our choices, Natural Laws create wholeness, bigness, and the life we want to live.

Brian used a subject we’re all familiar with to explain Natural Laws:

Gravity is everywhere (omnipresent), persistent (it doesn’t turn off during the night), and is non-judgmental (gravity doesn’t care whether you’re ignorant of its force or are an expert of it’s force.”

Brian Trzaskos

Neither ignorance nor intelligence will save you from falling if you were to step off a three-story building. The outcome would be the same.

Gravity can either build bones or break bones. Lifting weights makes our bones thicker; conversely our bones may be broken jumping out of a tree. It’s not gravity’s fault that the outcome is what it is.
We choose how we use gravity, and gravity doesn’t care either way

Brian Trzaskos

Brian covered the first three Natural Laws:


Everything is energy: our bodies, the chair we sit in, and the tree the chair is made from. THE LAW OF ENERGY demands that all Energy always moves toward more life.

According to THE LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION energy moves form a non-form to a form, to a non-form again. It’s always moving toward more life,

Take an acorn. There is no full-grown oak tree inside an acorn. Eventually it will be. Energy of life feeds the acorn and it grows into a tree. When the tree dies, it deteriorates into a non-form. Yet other acorns from that dying tree create new life. That’s PETO.”

Depending on how we choose to align with the laws, we will either create abundance or chaos in our own lives.

If we align with poverty, we will create more poverty; if we align with disease, we will create more disease. THE LAW OF ENERGY will create more life in whatever we use our energy to align with.

The LAW OF POLARITY states everything in nature is created as a whole. Nothing is created in parts. Everything has it’s opposite. But we are only able to perceive fractions, and not the whole.

We must accept the whole and not just the part of every situation and condition. For instance, faith and fear are both a belief in the unseen. We have a choice. Which one will we believe in?

Our purpose here is to see more of the whole. When we can accomplish that, the healthier we will be, and the more joy we will feel.

To sum up the way these three laws work together, Brian said:

Focus on what you want more of (THE LAW OF ENERGY). You’ll see things appear, disappear, and reappear in each choice you make (THE LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY).
Know there is always two sides to every situation. The sooner we accept that, we can sooner see the whole of the meaning of everything

I highly encourage you to attend a Science of Influence Workshop with Brian and Ani whenever and wherever you can.

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