Transformation is glorious, but that messy middle is painful…

Returning guest Sabine Gedeon illustrated so well the journey she has continued since her last appearance with us.

When last with us, Sabine had published her book and podcast: Transformed – The Journey to Becoming, and shared with us some of the trauma experienced in her childhood.

Born in Haiti and immigrated to the United States with parents and family. Abused physically, sexually, emotionally, etc., Sabine was silenced, taught she was unworthy and unlovable.

I carried those messages with me and became filled with constant negativity and personal criticism. These thoughts of being unworthy bombarded me.”

Sabine Gedeon

At the age of 25 Sabine felt she’d had enough.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was turning against myself. Messages of pain had been stuffed inside. If this is life, I don’t want to be part of it.”

Sabine Gedeon

Sabine devised a plan to exit the world with a final plea to God.

I needed to know if God was real. And I needed to know if my life had a purpose.”

Sabine Gedeon

She poured out 25 years of pain with her pleas. Then she paused, and that’s when it happened…

I felt the arms of God wrap around me, and awoke the next morning determined to uncover my purpose.”

Sabine Gedeon

Sabine felt she’d been given a second chance and the opportunity to build life on her terms. She wasn’t starting over but starting anew. She began her journey of discovery.

I looked back at the young Sabine with compassion. She was worthy and lovable.”

Sabine Gedeon

Since then, Sabine has been emerging and growing intentionally every day.

Transformation is glorious, but that messy middle is painful and can create trauma all over again. I have the answers now. I can confidently say God is real, and I know the purpose of my life.

Sabine Gedeon

Twelve years after that experience, Sabine authored her book. Over a 7-day fast she was guided and encouraged to share her story on paper and finished the book in 10 days.

I’m still going through stages of emerging. In the last few years, I’ve started another process of change and transformation.”

Sabine Gedeon

She Leads Now is her new podcast which she began in 2022. She discusses with her guests their self-development and lessons learned. Sabine knows there is more that unites us than what separates us.

The skill of listening is a game changer. Listening will reveal more than observing someone.”

Sabine Gedeon

Sabine mentors women who want to leverage their leadership and be more effective in their impact. She has programs, communities, and collectives to empower women.

Healing is about getting to the root of issues for personal growth, exposing the truths of your heart, and gaining compassion for ourselves.”

Sabine Gedeon

Drive the change you want to see. Connect with Sabine to take your leadership to the next level.

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