Dr. Stefan Zavalin May 10, 2022
Stefan Zavalin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a passion for movement and health. After a few years working in the physical therapy world, Dr. Zavalin started a consulting business, Love to Move, to help office workers reduce sitting time.
The vision for his business: change the American work culture to help bring more movement to the everyday life of office workers, maintain their health, wellness, and ultimately, the longevity of their lives.
He is the Author of Sit Less: Evolve your Work and Life Without Compromising your Health
You’ll want to read his book if: You want to reduce how much time you spend sitting You want to become more of a leader You want to drastically improve your life and work by doing less
In his free time, Stefan likes to write songs on piano and guitar, critique a good cup of coffee, and play board games with his wife and friends.

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