Several weeks ago, Chris Burres was on the show. He talked about the ESS60 Molecule which he’d discovered, tested, and has now released onto the market.

Chris Burres

His claims are incredible – a 90% longer lifespan in the rats which were tested. Chris provided samples of his product for me, Todd, and our pets both canine and feline.

During this week’s show, with Chris as our returning guest, Todd and I gave a full report of our experience with his product, MyVitalC.

Chris is a research engineer and scientist. His background is in inventions and manufacturing. He owns patents related to explosives. Discovering the use of ESS60 for human consumption was kind of an accident.

Here’s what Todd and I reported following our use of MyVitalC.

Todd’s report:

My joints feel a little better. Maybe I’m detoxing indicated by the reddened skin under my eyes.

You sent me some for my dogs, too. Their dry skin was better, and their coats were shinier. Overall, I don’t know if I’m going to live longer, but I see positive effects.”

Chris confirmed Todd’s results are typical, and many people in forums describe similar skin reactions and “detoxing”.

A couple months after selling a particular customer some of the ESS60, and learned he’d ordered 2 more times after that first order, I asked about his results with the product, thinking he’d have a positive testimonial. The customer’s  answer to ‘what have you been experiencing?’ was: ‘nothing’.

Chris Burres

Chris came to learn from the customer (through further discussion) that the mans arthritis was better, the “clicking in my knee” was gone, and he was jogging which he hadn’t done in the previous 10 years.

The customer mentioned one last result: “I’ve felt less stress at work. Keep in mind, it’s the same job, same people, same stress. I just feel less stress while at work.

A side effect of MyVitalC is that people have renewed energy, and therefore are often motivated to participate in activities they might not otherwise act with. Chris claims the most consistent testimonial is better sleep.

Jackie’s report:

I am a rather complicated case. I have fibromyalgia, and I manage it well. I also have a broken ankle that will be surgically repaired for the second time in a week. This has caused an inflammatory response. I also have gut issues perhaps related to Epstein Barr.

I started taking the immunity blend which contains MCT oil. I noticed right away when I was working out, I had more strength, stamina, and energy. I also noticed the ability to handle stress better. I didn’t whig out when technical issues occurred, I simply worked through it and handled it. I will take the Immunity Blend again.

I have two dogs, and they immediately stopped scratching. Their fur has been so soft and fluffy. I see huge benefits with the dogs, and we’ve already reordered the canine formula on a subscription.”

Chris suggested we read a book written by Steven Gundry, MD:

As you’re reading these books, the testimonials stated therein are also our product testimonials. Dr. Gundry is taking our product.”

Chris Burres

It was delightful to have Chris back on the show. Stay tuned for another opportunity to hear from Chris Burres on a future episode of Life Mastery Radio


The link to try his product is:

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