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Life Mastery Radio, April 23rd, 2013.  Join our guests Marilyn Hough and Chuck Schmitt, The Relationship Specialists, based in Portland, Oregon, USA.   Marilyn  and Chuck, are inspirational teachers who share their knowledge and skills to inspire others to live their best life. They have been working together for the last fifteen years. It is their belief that relationships are one of the greatest vehicles for personal growth.

Marilyn Hough, LMFT, is a professional counselor with over 20 years experience. Her main focus is helping both individuals and couples awaken their capacity to live life more fully. When people feel stuck in their lives, it is often because they are only seeing a very small part of who they are. It is almost as if they are wearing blinders. Marilyn’s goal in therapy is to assist individuals in removing those blinders and gaining a broader perspective of who they are and all they are capable of accomplishing. She works with issues of self-esteem, intimacy, communication, and self-awareness. Her special interest is working with couples on relationship issues and with women contemplating and/or undergoing life transitions. Marilyn is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified EMD/R (eye movement, desensitization/reprocessing) practitioner and personal coach. She has trained to do emotional release work with Young Living Essential Oils and is an authorized leader of Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams workshops and groups.

Chuck Schmitt, LMFT has been working in the personal development field for over thirty years and practicing psychotherapy for the last twenty. His main focus is relationship issues, whether they be with a partner, family member, coworker or boss. He believes that all our relationships have something to show us. The knowledge we get from these interactions helps us to learn more about ourselves. Chuck feels that we are on this earth to learn two basic skills: how to create and how to love. It is with these ideas in mind that he helps his clients to deal with the difficult issues in their lives. In his counseling sessions, Chuck explores the reasons for his clients’ dissatisfaction. He also helps them discover why their relationships are not progressing smoothly and gives suggestions for getting their relationship back on track. Chuck is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a master hypnotherapist, and a personal coach. He regularly leads both groups and workshops on relationship issues.

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The Relationship Specialists came into being in 1994.  They were giving a talk to an audience of 500 people at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Boulder, Colorado. The co-ordinator of the event introduced us as the Relationship Specialists and the name has been with them ever since.  They are licensed marriage and family therapists now residing in Portland, Oregon. They have a counseling practice and also do coaching, intensives, and workshops. In an attempt to support even more people in an affordable manner, their next project will be webinars.

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