June 9th, 2020 Rebecca Thompson, then known as Becky, was, on the surface, living a picture-perfect life. A highly regarded engineer at Eastman Kodak in Rochester New York, three happy growing kids, a great house, couple of dogs and an attractive husband who was successful and sought after as a structural engineer. But all was actually far from perfect, he had an over- fondness for beer.
While this didn’t seem to be out of control in the first dozen years of their lives together, as his own business began to come apart, the drinking accelerated. In the aftermath of its dissolution, leaving Becky to clean up the financial mess, he uprooted the family to take a job in North Carolina. Becky, always steady, always reliable, always problem solving, always the perfect wife and mother, carried on—until his first DUI.
And that’s where Rebecca Rising begins….this powerful, novelistic and highly-readable memoir isn’t so much the story of a marriage that comes apart, but the chronicle of a woman who slowly awakens to herself through the crucible of her marriage. But it is how she does it that makes this remarkable book so immensely interesting, compelling and actually, entertaining.

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