Anna Chen May 18, 2023
Anna Chen has gone through seasonal depression, uninspiring friendships, and a 10-year toxic relationship. The ugly truth was that she had been a victim of bullying since age 11 and never healed emotionally. 
A Japanese proverb changed Anna’s life. “One needs to have the courage to jump off the stage of Kiyomizu (about 4-5 stories high) to become successful.”
What would Anna die for? A chance to be on stage as a trained musician. She passed a music audition with only one year of voice training and graduated with honors in Music with a full-fledged provincial scholarship. Her life became something worth dying for.
“Being able to realize your dream is the best cure you can have in life! All you need is to build routines and habits that work for you!” This is what Anna Chen helps people to do.
Meet Anna Chen

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