America – When are we going to have enough of this doom and gloom mentality?

It seems as soon as things start looking up as they have in the past weeks, as reported by the Citizen Economists, “U.S. Manufacturing Grows 12 Months Straight; Jobs Up in Sector 8 Months in a Row”, the nay sayers pipe up again and decide to mash us right where it hurts. In the Huffington Post today, Robert Reich, Former Secretary of Labor, reported that the rumors of a double dip recession are premature when a good majority of Americans have not experienced the end of the current ‘dip’. He goes on to uplift us (sarcasm injected) with stories of unemployment figures, anemic job growth figures, and rising health care costs. Read full article (

Are we getting addicted to stories of ‘how bad it is’, ‘of how sick we are’, of ‘how many people are unemployed’, ‘of how hopeless it all is’?
Enough already!

This is not the America I know. The America I know is proud, finds solutions, is inventive, is resourceful, and kicks butt!

The America I know does not wait for anyone to bail us out, does not expect a free hand out, is determined and takes charge of the situation.

Give me a break – former third world economies are doing better than ours and we are sitting back and watching. Are you really o.k. with this? Have you forgotten this is a government for the people, by the people? Have you lost sight of all the opportunities around you? Where there is a need, their is a job. Where there is a problem, there is a solution.

I think we have let this boil fester long enough. Einstein said that “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

I am not asking people to turn a blind eye or live in some la la land where we ignore the obvious, I am asking you to stop telling the same old stories of how bad things are and look for ways to empower yourself. No one else is going to jump in to make your life happy, to fix your relationships, to feed you healthy food, to get your body to the gym for a workout. No one else is going to manage the voice inside your head telling you to get up and get out there. I know, I would have loved at times to have a drill sergeant visit my room each morning and whip my butt into shape. When it looked really bad, Sgt. Hartman was not available, it was my own doing to get my self up and out of bed, finding work, managing the household budget, being a single mother to my children.

If you are looking at a problem that seems scary, come at it from another angle.
This is a solution method that I write about in my upcoming book, (UNDER WRAPS),
Here is the gist of it…
When you do not know the answer, ask yourself, “If I did know the answer what would that be?”  Listen and watch what opens up for you.

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