You do not have to be a neuroscientist to be on Life Mastery Radio, but when you are, we get to “pick your brain”.  Dr. Ali Lankerani, affectionately known as The Parent Whisperer, not only let us pick his brain, but he willingly shared inspiring information with us.

Dr. L. helps parents to optimize their children’s success in many areas. He shared 4 with us:

  • Health
  • Wholeness
  • Modelling
  • Purpose


The only organ that can modulate itself and control what comes into it, and what goes out of it is the brain.”

Dr. Ali Lankerani

Dr. L. explained we choose to focus on information from the brain or not. Before we can ask the brain to do something for us, we must make sure to provide the proper nutritional building blocks.

If you feed your brain the right things, it will provide a different output for you than if you’re feeding it the wrong things. Nutrition plays a role in your perspective.”

Dr. Ali Lankerani

The brain gives us power based on how many parts are working simultaneously. When we are stressed our brains do not receive the nutrition it needs to help us thrive.

Dr. L. listed the foundational blocks that support the brain. He also called them the foundational pieces of health.

  • Nutrition
  • Rest
  • Oxygen
  • Neuro Stimulation (movement)

Dr. L. related all these pieces to a metronome used to keep rhythm in music.

The Inferior Olive lies deep within the brain. Think of it as the metronome of the brain. Signals which come too far apart or too quickly can cause us to misunderstand the impulses of the brain. It can affect our perception of reality.”

Dr. Ali Lankerani

Dr. L. explained why strobe lights bother me and make me feel physically stressed and unwell:

Strobe lights alter your visual field. Jackie, the brain perceives where everything should be, but the strobing lights create a different reality.”

Dr. Ali Lankerani

I was happy to hear Dr. L. say that dancing is a wonderful brain workout.

It involves all the senses and creates a cohesive picture of reality. While dancing, we are breathing deeper, taking in oxygen, and moving our whole body.”

Dr. Ali Lankerani


Related to the metronome of our brain – the Inferior Olive, anxiety propels us into the future (metronome set on a fast rhythm); and depression keeps us in the past (metronome of a rhythm too slow).

Often, the negative thoughts we have force the brain to find perspectives to validate those thoughts.

Dr. Ali Lankerani

Meditation is a powerful tool to keep us in the present.

Our current lifestyles have changed our values and geared us more toward IQ rather than EQ. Since this decades long aberration has switched our focus to one part of our brain – the money making, innovating, and schedule-filled brain, other more important areas of the brain – enjoyment, rest, and simple pleasures are no longer cherished.

We are drastically different than our forebears. Nutrition, stimulation, rest, posture, movement, oxygen levels. They have all changed because of our fast-paced lifestyles.

This exposure makes it’s print on the brain. What we see and do strengthens neural pathways. What we are no longer doing gets pruned out. It causes problems in the rest of our body because it hasn’t caught up yet.”

Dr. Ali Lankerani


Although we have neuroplasticity throughout life, there is a window of time when we can write, rewrite, rewire and/or retrain the personality of our children and teenagers.

Dr. Ali Lankerani

As parents and influencers of children, we can optimize young lives. Often however, we inadvertently get in the way of a child’s progress because we are leading by example – perhaps a poor example.

Dr. L. is known as The Parent Whisperer because he works alongside parents and children supporting them and empowering them to lead by example to create future leaders and role models.

A healthy brain helps us all to connect, be happy, and fulfill our unique mission. The brain can be rewired. Even the brains of individuals healing from tragic experiences can be retrained.  


If you have been through tragedy, you have an important message to share with the world. YOU can be a motivator and change-maker. YOU can change your brain from thinking of challenges as setbacks to thinking of them as stepping-stones. Share your message, move forward, and make a difference.”

Dr. Ali Lankerani

Every person has it within them to influence others for greater achievement. We should support our brain so we can more easily find our unique purpose. Dr. L. claims we can either feel uncomfortable and try to go around a problem, or we can push through it with purpose.

With purpose you can go through anything willingly.

Dr. Lankerani has a program coming  up called: Role Model Lifestyle Mastery. It is three days of events, exercises, and tools to help you and those you love to thrive by your example.

I have already registered to attend. I hope I will see you there so we can become ROLE MODELS together!

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