On Tuesday’s Life Mastery Radio show we spotlighted 4 individuals doing amazing work for our communities, youth, and individuals through a nonprofit. Each has a unique story and compelling reason to connect their experiences and talents with people who need help.

Cseeszka Borjigin

Cseeszka Borjigin (known as Chay) was told by a doctor in 2015, “your organs are shutting down. We can do surgery with a 50% chance you’ll survive, and if you do, this will happen to you again. You’ve got about 3 months to live.

Chay refused the surgery, went home and prayed, “Lord, I sure hope you have a plan B because plan A isn’t going to work for me.”

Chay was bedridden for two years. In that dark place of fear, frustration, and anger, The Cultivating Wellness Center was born in an idea.

Today, Chay is well, and sees patients in her home and over the phone. Her patients can’t afford traditional medicine, and Chay never charges them. Sometimes she pays for their supplements out of her own pocket.

Chay is looking for real estate to build The Cultivating Wellness Center as a nonprofit to serve the medically under-served and heal them whole body, soul, and spirit. You can call Chay at 720-662-1511

Please consider donating to Chay’s cause.


Brian Hanson was living a life of adventure. He was the lead singer in a band called ALMOST, president of a manufacturing company at the age of 24, pioneered the concept of home theater, started one of Chicago’s first internet service providers, became an RN at 57 working with patients who’d suffered traumatic brain injury; and then he became a patient with traumatic brain injury following an untimely death…twice.

Brian now works with The Bison Foundation: Brain Injury Support: Operational and Neurological. Their mission is to: enrich the day-to-day lives of the brain injured with strategies to improve the possibility of their recovery.

Brian became emotional a few times during our interview as he voiced gratitude for programs such as BISON that have helped him to heal, and offered support during the process.

Like Chay, Brian is seeking donations to build a facility to treat those persons with brain injuries. Brian is also seeking an agent to support his personal goal of professional speaker.

To reach out either way, Brian is on Facebook @Brian Hanson and his email is: brianahanson@hotmail.com The Bison Foundation

Please consider donating to Brian’s cause.

Kym Coan of Rebound Financial Resources

Kym Coan has championed several successful companies over the past 30 years. She brings her previous corporate communications experience as an advertising/public relations executive to serve and empower future entrepreneurs. Her passion is helping startups execute a powerful launch.

With her husband Boaz, Kym has begun Rebound Financial Resources, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower individuals with knowledge, resources and services to establish, restore, and secure a better financial future.

Learn, recoup, and rebuild your finances. We sit down with people and help them create a plan of success.”

Kym Coan

Rebound Financial Resources provides the Fostering Financial Freedom program for youth, which serves all children, and even those who’ve aged out of foster care.

Kym offered a gift to all our listeners today to help you understand the FICO system: an ebook titled FICO Decoded. To get this helpful resource, simply email info@reboundfinancialresources.org and in the subject line place: “Send me the book”

Please consider donating to Kym’s cause.

Action Verb, Connector, and Muse, JO Welch was another guest on our show. She is multi-talented in her own right, and she also supports Brian in his mission at The Bison Foundation.

Jo belongs to a large network of followers, and many of them are deaf. She performed a great service to our non-hearing listeners as she signed for them throughout the show.

JO also introduced a nonprofit close to her heart, which was begun by her teenage child: the Mystic River Theater Company. The founders of MRTC want to form a theater group that will be inclusive and bridge the gap across miles and identities.

The Mystic River Theater Company is founded on principles that theater should be accessible and accepting of all. They’re looking for a location in Massachusetts so the love of theater can be shared with an audience of all backgrounds. They are ambitiously hoping to produce a musical the summer of 2020.

If you can help them find a venue or offer other support, please look them up at: The Mystic River Theater

You can explore all the resourceful help JO Welch offers her clients at www.AskJO.org

Please consider donating to JO’s causes.

Todd Cudaback and Jackie Bailey (co-hosts of Life Mastery Radio)

I enjoyed being part of this amazing show spotlighting nonprofit organizations doing good for our youth, individuals and communities. If you’d consider looking at one more up-and-coming nonprofit I’d appreciate it.

I’m Jackie Bailey. For many years I’ve been teaching children, youth, and adults how to find their core beliefs; and to discover the experiences that taught them those beliefs. I’ve seen the empowering outcome when a child can barely look me in the eye on the first day of class, to several weeks later telling an inspiring personal story about a value they hold dear.

My goal is to help all persons SPEAK with power; FEED others in word and deed, and to LEAD with positive influence.

It’s not enough any longer to educate only the youth in my own community; I want to give children worldwide the same opportunity. Thus, I’m starting a nonprofit organization called THE SPEAK FEED LEAD PROJECT.

I hope to enter schools and neighborhoods around the globe teaching children how to tap into the POWER of VOICE; the POWER of SERVICE; and the POWER of LEADERSHIP.

Todd serves on my board of directors, and we’d appreciate your support by way of donations of money, goods, or services.

The Speak Feed Lead Project

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