Michael Goddart, our distinguished, most recent guest is a Seeker, and has been for several past lives besides this one.

A seeker is someone who searches for truth, and their highest calling. Michael describes it as a homing device inside us, and that our soul is part and parcel of truth and love. It’s knowing your authentic path, and discovering the subconscious beliefs imbedded in your soul.

You must literally become the Truth and merge your consciousness in the ocean of the Divine.”

Michael Goddart

Michael teaches that our identity is our mind and thoughts. Seeking is about mastering our minds instead of being enslaved to them.

Human life is our most precious gift possible. When we rise to higher consciousness we become aware of our past lives.

Michael Goddart

When he sought for info about his past lives the information came quickly and in great amounts. Michael discovered he’d been an active seeker for three lives before this one. Through this process, he recovered 88 lives and learned he’d lived 4,137 human lives on two other planets besides Earth.

Michael Goddart was once…

  • An architect in post American Revolution Baltimore
  • An actor and playwright in Denmark after living life as an orphan abandoned by his mother
  • A Tibetan Secretary of Diplomacy
  • A priest in Prague
  • A monk in Slovenia
  • A Raja Yoga master in India (his happiest life)
  • An English Banker
  • A Jew who was treated horribly

We are not meant to remember our past lives, but understanding it helps us navigate the challenges of life.

Michael Goddart

Michael spoke of a cohort of seven – seven entities which he has lived several lives with, and with whom he has been in spiritual classrooms with. In various carnations these seven have been a brother, sister, mother, etc. to Michael. Since having met them in this life, all seven have acknowledged the same feeling about Michael which he has had about them.

Michael’s book, A New Now ~ Your Guide to Mastering Wisdom Daily, Achieving Equilibrium, and Empowering Your Nobler Self, teaches 33 Wisdoms, with the first being Wisdom of Humane Interaction. It teaches that every time we meet someone we should act humanely, realizing their true nature as a human on a spiritual journey.

The more interaction we have with people our longevity will lengthen. We should always be acting with kindness and truth.

Michael Goddart

Life mastery, in Michael’s view, is being positive, gathering wisdom, and becoming master of our current and past lives.

Michael spoke of:

  • Higher Mind
  • Habitual Mind
  • Lower Mind

Our Higher Mind is the part of ourselves, which is kind, giving, knowing, and wanting to be of service. The Habitual Mind is good at showing up when the garbage needs taken out, our teeth brushed, and handles the rhythm of everyday life. Lower Minds are angry and enslaved to the thoughts there.

Michael Goddart

Michael asks us to contemplate: what at this moment will bring me to my best spiritual center?

Achieving equilibrium is the dynamic balance we attain when we act from our spiritual center. We can handle anything in the best way possible, and equilibrium goes hand in hand with wisdom. Equilibrium in our spiritual center indicates a clear mind, being present, grounded, and positively minded.

Each of us has potential for God realization, but we can’t do it alone. We need a master. At any given time, there is always a saint or master on the planet which you can find…if you’re seeking one.

Michael Goddart

Michael’s book may be of greatest benefit to you if you use it as a guide for daily reflection on your spiritual journey. He offers a FREE JOURNEY JOURNAL at his website: www.Goddart.Com

In his book you’ll learn from 33 wisdoms:

  • 11 Loving wisdoms
  • 11 Guiding wisdoms
  • 11 Evolutionary wisdoms

Find what resonates with you and discover how to return to your spiritual center

Michael Goddart

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