Chris Burres & Dr. Patrick Wanis June 30, 2020
Social isolation, loss, and the extreme disruption to life caused by the pandemic has weighed heavily on all of us: Increased stress hormones Intense emotions of sadness, fear, worry, anxiety, hopelessness, loneliness, and depression Lost sleep Suppressed immune system making us susceptible to illness
Chris Burres and Dr. Patrick Wanis are experts who’ll help you break that cycle of stress and sleeplessness. They’ve teamed up to bring us new solutions for health.
Meet Chris Burres
Meet Dr. Patrick Wanis

Chris Burres (on the left) is a research engineer and scientist whose primary mission is to help people live longer, healthier, pain-free lives. With a BS in Mechanical Engineering and co-owner of a company that manufactures a Nobel-Prize winning molecule that extends the human

Patrick Wanis , PhD (on the right) is a world-renowned expert on behavioral therapy, specializing in the areas of interpersonal relationships, trauma, and human motivation. The first person to do clinical hypnotherapy on US national television.

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