Eczema is a very painful and embarrassing condition that if left untreated will spread and affect many areas of the skin layer. I have seen cases of eczema so deep, skin grafts were needed to assist in healing. The condition can affects is not discriminating, affecting newborns to the elderly alike.The health of our skin layer, also known as the integumentary system, is a key indicator of our internal health. 

When eczema appears on the outside, I tend to look first inside to see what body systemsare at a state of imbalance and/or congestion. Generally, once congestion is removed, proper nutrition is provided and cellular health established,  the body has all the means to heal itself. The following guide is a general approach that works for many. If your symptoms do not improve,  feel free to call the clinic for a phone consultation where we can, through a routine questionnaire and simple blood test conducted at a lab near you, prepare a specific cellular diet that will address your own individual needs. 

To your health and healing, yours, Tina Marie



What to do for your Eczema….

1 – When bathing – wash with soap bar ( Natural Beauty Bar) provided, no other soap or oil. This special cleansing bar is available  in our store for $5 plus shipping or by calling 877-887-8462. 

2 – Make a 50/50 Solution of  Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Distilled water  Apply for 10 – 15 minutes before using the Derm Free Twice a day Dry skin easily, do not rub – with clean cloth

Important – do not use any other vinegar, or water. They have reactionary chemicals that aggravate the Eczema.

3 – Remove all sugar form the diet, corn, wheat, rice, oats, sodas, sweets, breads, juices. Give water or fresh squeezed juice from 1 orange or apple a day. Processed juices have way too much sugar and will aggravate the Eczema also.

4 – If you crave sweets, take 4 – 5 drops of Chromium/Vanadium under the tongue (adult), 2-3 drops (child). Hold for 30 seconds and swallow. Repeat every 30 minutes until craving has subsided. Limit to 3 doses in an 8 hour period.

5 – Do not use bubble baths or stay in a bath more than 15 minutes. Soaking skin will dry tit out and allow the Eczema to spread. Taking a shower is preferred.

6 – Stay away from chlorine. Use a mild soap when washing clothes, a dye free one without harsh chemicals or bleach.

7 – Use Candula lotion if itching occurs.

Continue treatment for 10 days even if Eczema appears to be gone.

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