Make a practice of offering yourself to the Unknown, for the duration of this journey. Experiment with surrendering into this current and letting it carry you. Befriend it. Trust it. Let it steer and guide your life. Let’s allow the Quantum to help us remember who we really are. What we really are…vast, unlimited energy. Miraculous. Magnificent.

We are carried by a current of Grace- the experience of being an intimate part of divine love and source energy; high vibrational energy; current of energy. Like a river current which ends at the sea.” ~ Gabriela Masala

I was delighted to co-host Gabriela Masala on today’s Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan broadcast. She is the author of “Everyday Magnificient – Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life

Living an unlimited life is our birthright. We light up as we discover and practice the uniqueness of ourselves. When we tap in to our unlimited nature, we are tuned in and turned on, living and loving in the way we are destined to.”

Many of us are living a conditioned and programed Newtonian-based reality, which has made us dull to our divine connection. Newton taught us that the world is only matter, and we are all separate.

Gabriela’s book and processes help us rediscover our Quantum-based reality, which is that we are not individuals; we are part of a whole, living in a world of energy together; unified by our common consciousness.

Matter is limited, but we are unlimited. We have always existed, and we will forever exist.

Gabriela taps into these truths every day, in a different way, from the moment she wakes up. Following are some of the ways her day might begin – keeping in mind it’s never typical, always different.

  1. “My immediate first thought is: I’m alive, and what a fabulous day. I open to a sense of wonder, and drink in the wisdom I learned during dream time of the night.”
  2. “What wisdom wants to come? I flood my field with gratitude for each deep breathe, and the trees outside my window.”
  3. “I go to the garden. I meet the sky and the earth.”
  4. “I create connection to family with affection.”
  5. “Sometimes during breakfast, my family and I participate in Oracle Card readings together.”
  6. “Soon we scatter out to our day. I homeschool my daughter, and teaching begins with journaling, visual art, process art, yoga, and /or dance.”
  7. “Simple practices keep me on track, and keep me waking up into my unlimited nature.”

Her book “Everyday Magnificent – Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life” is a journal, a workbook, a playbook.

Play accesses our wonderment.” ~ Gabriela Masala

We often indulge in self-judgment: “I’m not an artist, a singer, a dancer, etc.” Gabriela insists we activate our own design through the practice of meditation, moving, and voice.

What is this energy trying to teach me the most?

Gabriela has studied every religion in the world. Her book and teachings transcend all spectrums of religion and belief. She has discovered the commonalities of religion – the creative force directly connects us to the power and love of life

We are empowered to contribute to the collective field as effective change agents and stewards of life.

We are all divine creators; an infinite pull of energy we can drink from all the time.

Gabriela called herself a “Midwife of Life”. She proclaims her book as a recipe to an unlimited life; but we have to take action to make it.

We can’t taste a delicious homemade dessert until we do more than look at the recipe. We have the ingredients, and if we follow the steps found in her journaling workbook, we can bake for ourselves a delicious, magnificent, unlimited life.

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