“I try never to consider the source too small to teach me something important.” ~ Rose De Dan

While performing a despacho (a ceremony for honoring the dead) many years ago, a bumble bee flew into the forehead of Rose De Dan and fell into the ceremony. It was dead. When she asked the bee why this was significant, the answer from the insect was:

“Summer has ended, the cycle is turning, it is a good day to die”

I was facing the death of my dog in 2013. Bandi, a beautiful Australian Shepherd had been diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma in the joint of her knee. The condition caused her to be extremely uncomfortable, and we were past the point of amputation because the cancer had spread to Bandi’s lymph system.

Nature doesn’t always provide the exact timing for euthanasia. The question is always “when?’

Rose De Dan, our most recent guest on Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan helped me at the time to communicate with Bandi and learn “when” she was ready to transition. It was not then. Bandi was not yet ready to go.

One session with Rose however, and Bandi was relieved of her most troublesome symptoms. Rose allowed her gift to help me exactly when I needed it, and Bandi lived a more connected life during her remaining time with me.

Rose is a Reiki and Shamanic healer. The method of using Reiki energy and energy of the earth, allow Rose to communicate in powerful, global ways with humans and animals.

“Whether it is our death, the death of a loved one, or the stage in our evolution…, transition means we leave some aspects of ourselves behind, but expand to encompass others. Shapeshifting in a very real sense.”   The Wheel – Rose De Dan

Shapeshifting, Rose explained during the show is “moving from one state to another.” In many cases it is from physical life to physical death.

On the show Rose shared stories of communicating with cats, lions, dogs, and whales. I asked if she hears a voice, or simply has an understanding of their message. She answered that she often hears a voice, but animals also communicate in images and feelings.

She shares story after story of her work with animals and humans in her book: Tails of a Healer – Animals, Reiki & Shamanism

On June 25th of this year, Rose will be facilitating a telecall with the southern resident Orca Whales in Washington State. The call is available worldwide. I wonder what they’ll tell us?

You don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner to facilitate community. Take time to get to know those around you better: at work, in your neighborhood, as you go about your daily errands, etc. Demonstrate that you care, dare to be seen for who you are. Send beacons of light outward and be open to receiving the light that is reflected back” Beacons of Light – Rose De Dan

A good reminder for all of us – the source is never too small to teach us something important.


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