I never thought about a possible link between procrastination, perfectionism, and creativity. Leave it to our recent guest to share with us the connection.

The process involves naming your gremlin!

Gremlins (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)

Do you procrastinate starting projects, improving yourself, expanding your talents, etc.?

Talia Dashow (A professional procrastination coach and creativity expert) thinks we may put things off because we have unmet needs. That gremlin in our head may be protecting us from failure.

Perhaps you’re still listening to your six-year old self who is scared. Maybe you still feel like a rebellious teenager. If your needs aren’t being met, you’re going to procrastinate more.

Talia Dashow

The world can be a scary place making it hard for us to risk showing up and being rejected. This fear is legitimate but holds us back.

The gremlin voice in our head is telling us we shouldn’t even try.

Talia Dashow

Talia has named her gremlin voice Cruella Deville. This allows Talia to differentiate the Cruella voice from other voices who may be trying to give her guidance.

Disney Pictures 101 Dalmations

Todd’s gremlin would be named The Ungroovy One.

It’s useful to have a conversation with that gremlin voice. Knowing what it is and what it’s trying to protect you from is helpful. Some people have a visceral need for approval.

We once depended on group safety for survival. Although we no longer have a level of survival fear, we long to be part of a group, and we fear someone will laugh at us, dislike us, or kick us out of the group.”

Talia Dashow

It’s time to silence our gremlins.

The need for perfection may also be a non-starter for us according to Talia.

Fear of what other people will think is part of perfectionism. If I can’t do it perfectly then I’m going to put it off until it is perfect.”

Talia Dashow

That’s where creativity comes into the equation.

We often want the result of whatever we try to be perfect, and if it’s not we don’t like it. Sometimes the process matters more than the result.

You don’t have to commit to being an expert to find benefit in the process of creation.”

Talia Dashow

Talia says it’s easy for people to think they’re not creative.

We feel we’re not good at something we try a few times, and we convince ourselves we aren’t creative at all. Maybe we confuse creativity with being artsy. Because we are all Creators we have talents in creativity.

Talia reports there’s more than one aspect to creativity.

You’re making something that didn’t exist before even if you’re building from someone else’s pattern or blueprint.”

There’s something to be said about curiosity and the epiphany of innovative ideas. That’s also creativity.

Many year ago, Talia flew to Canada to become certified in LEGO Serious Play developed by Lego to energize their corporate meetings and help employees and others to tell stories through a creative process. It’s play which also achieves teamwork and collaboration.

One activity is to start with everyone getting a bag with the same LEGOS. Everyone may be asked to build a tower. They compare the results and validate the creations of each participant.

Lego creators may be asked, “How does this tower represent you?”

After several exercises like the tower example, there may be a big dump of Legos where participants can build anything they want. They should be prepared to talk about their creations.

Talia hosts a weekly Creativity Club online where a group of people drop in when they can to be creative together in their own way. You can access information about this from Talia’s website subscribepage.com/Talia

Creativity is a major part of dealing with procrastination when perfectionism is getting in your way from getting started. You can even ask yourself questions in a creative way such as ‘I wonder what would happen if I…?’ ‘What if I try…?’ ‘How can I do this a different way?’”

Talia Dashow

The subconscious can talk to you through creativity. The gremlin voice can give you information. Play gives you chance to practice being flexible and expand your thinking.

Talia is planning a Summer Solstice Creative Soul Spa on June 25th. Although it’s not yet available to enroll in, be sure to join her mailing list so you’ll be the first to find out.

Don’t let your gremlin talk you out of it!

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