Real love is a daily, earthy, grounded, simple as dirt yet profound as poetry experience“. ~ Dr. Gary Salyer

Dr. Gary Salyer was our guest on Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan back in April of this year, but the recording of the show was not usable. That mishap had a happily ever after ending though, because we got to bring him back for another conversation about LOVE!

Even though LOVE is felt in the heart, our brains actually influence how we give and receive LOVE.

In his book, Safe to Love Again, Dr. Salyer teaches this concept.

How does the brain of someone who’s created a loving, lasting relationship work deep down inside? What are the insider secrets for getting a secure brain that just knows how to pick Mr. or Ms. Right, and then insures that the relationship lasts for a lifetime in a way that feels good?

I’ve learned we must train our brains to have the love we want.” ~ Dr. Gary Salyer

  • Love is a full body-based feeling that resonates in every cell of your body.
  • Genuine, secure love is sharing a host of little moments with each other as you go through your day.
  • Love is seeing a smiling face or hearing a soothing voice as you walk through the door at the end of a day
  • It’s stopping your life to listen when your beloved is overwhelmed or troubled;
  • It’s praising your partner for the smallest of achievements just because you take notice.

Like a two-sided coin, for love to exist there are feelings we need to feel, and rights we need to have.

The feelings:
  1. Welcomed with Joy
  2. Worthy and Nourished
  3. Cherished and Protected
  4. Empowered with Choice

A brain that is aligned with these four feelings easily creates a profound, intimate, deep, calming, and empowering We. From this We extraordinary couples are born, nurtured, and raised.” ~ Dr. Gary Salyer

The Rights:
  1. The Right to Exist
  2. The Right to have Your Needs Met
  3. The Right to Separate and Belong
  4. The Right to Create Your Own Experience
  5. The Right to Assert with Voice and Choice
  6. The Right to Love and Be Loved

It helps to identify our attachment styles as well. Are you secure, anxious, or avoidant?

When you show up for love in any way, you never know who it will affect, and how it will change their life.~ Gary Salyer

Dr. Salyer encourages couples to understand the “pattern” as the problem, and not the “partner”. We can all be better giving and receiving long-lasting, fulfilling love. It is the key to our common future.

Join Dr. Gary’s movement for LOVE. He invites you to make LOVE your personal mission in life.
Here’s the link to join the movement:

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