Victoria Price May 19, 2020
As an inspirational speaker, author, blogger, consultant, coach and interspiritual minister, Victoria Price encourages each of us to co-create a legacy of love through heart-centered practice that can heal our planet. 
Along with writing her popular blog, Daily Practice of Joy , Victoria is the author of three books — her 2018 inspirational memoir, The Way of Being Lost: A Road Trip to My Truest Self ; the critically-acclaimed Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography , and her latest book — Living Love: 12 Heart-Centered Practices to Transform Your Life.  
In 2016, after living in New Mexico for 25 years, Victoria began a nomadic life. Over four years later, she still chooses to remain “intentionally home-free” as her core heart-centered practice.
We live Love by practicing Love. By practicing Love, we live Love .”
Meet Victoria Price

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