A Mystic is anyone on a journey to discover their source of spirituality.”

Janine Bolon

Our recent guest on Life Mastery Radio with Todd & Jackie was Janine Bolon. She is not only a Mystic as she defines it; she is a Shaman, a Sacred Clown, and a Bell Dancer. These descriptions are only a few ways to illustrate the journey Janine has been on to discover the Source of her spirituality.

Janine explains most of us are living by default, which is when we take life at status quo, live by the rules, and never question our common reality. In tribal work, mysticism is more important than the outward ceremony. Janine believes our lives should be this way.

Since a young age, Janine has always wanted to understand “the man behind the curtain”. She’s been a rule breaker when it comes to the expected ways to behave. This led her to naturally becoming a Sacred Clown and a Bell Dancer.

Although she has no genetic link to native Americans, she’s been defined by tribal leaders as “one of them” after learning Janine had been struck by lightening around the age of 9-10.

It happened on an island under clear blue skies. The Thunder Clan picked Janine, and lightening struck her. This may have marked the beginning of her mystical journey.

People ask ‘why am I here?’. They may turn to religion, folklore, or people like Joseph Campbell. Wherever you look you can find a group of like-minded people who think like you.

Janine Bolon

Janine cautions – “Start thinking outside the box, or better yet don’t think at all. Experience life. Go a little crazy.

A Hindu Guru once taught the most important quality of a devotee is not love or dedication as you might think. It’s fearlessness. Move through life with fearlessness.

I knew if I lived life in a state of fear, It would shroud me from truth.

Janine Bolon

Janine shared with us a vision she had of the creation of souls. Popping into the world were spheres of electrical light bouncing along with excitement like kids waiting in line to enter Disneyland.

Every soul comes to earth with that excitement. We are allowed to create life, mess it up, come back, and talk about it. We all wanted to be part of this adventure. There is nothing serious going on here on planet earth. Like any good stage play, we have it all.”

Janine Bolon

Janine used the metaphor of a carnival to illustrate what life should be like for all of us. There are thrilling rides, unusual sites to see, delicious foods to try, and times when we want to sit it out for a bit.

If you don’t enjoy your life, then why aren’t you changing it?

Janine Bolon

The greatest insight I received from Janine’s interview was about the people here on earth whom we don’t get along with, or who drive us crazy. Janine explains these people will be our best friends after this life. They are those who loved us before we came here and who annoy us because they want us to test our paradigms, discover who we are, and learn ways to become the best we can be. Unfortunately, we’ve all had a mind-wipe and we don’t remember them from before.

Janine knows meditation is the way we will stop living life by default. A regular practice of meditation will reintroduce us to ourselves. Three minutes a day is enough to achieve that end, and EVERYONE can meditate. It takes practice but will provide clarity about your Source.

Janine offers retreats to help you unearth who you are and dig deeper into your mystic self. She is hosting one of these retreats on April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It’s a special retreat to celebrate the Equinox. Learn more here: Equinox Retreat. By day three she claims you’ll have a 90-day plan pivotal to your mystic journey.

On her website ThePracticalMystics.Com you’ll find more information about Janine and her programs.

On Janine’s website you will also get her latest book, Expressing the Divine FREE in pdf form. You can also find it on Amazon.

You’ll also experience helpful content by listening to her Practical Mystic Podcast.

By mystical coincidence, just as Todd and I finished our interview with Janine, the clock read 11:11. As many of you know, 1111 by spiritual standards means “you are one with life and all that is”. It’s the signal that you should live in the light that surrounds you and experience a relationship with the Divine.

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