Despite six near death experiences, Kim Serafini has come back each time. Not once did she know she’d left. Makes you wonder, what is death like?

For what it’s worth, it was very peaceful. If you’re here you’re meant to be here. You and I are meant to be here.”

Kin Serafini

Kim claims “equatorial DNA” since growing up in the paradise of Papua New Guinea. She describes herself as an active risk-taker in her youth. In the corporate world she became rather arrogant with her talents and left the corporate life after feeling her work was not significant.

I was on fire with Anthony Robbins, and my parents thought I was in a cult. When Anthony Robbins said, ‘Make your vacation your vocation’ I listened.”

Kim Serafini

Kim became a sports therapist and experienced joy by contributing to the health and well-being of others. Little did she know the roller coaster of entrepreneurship would be hell.

We all want to simply do our best and live our purpose. If we are not growing, we’re dying. We are all here to grow, and even if you don’t know your purpose – it is to grow.

Kim Serafini

Despite a perfect structured heart, Kim had a medical procedure a year ago to prevent a seventh cardiac event.

I won’t show you the scar on my chest where my cardiac pacemaker was placed, but a USB type device keeps me alive.”

Kim Serafini

Kim Serafini is Eastern and Western, ancient, and modern. A mixture of ANDS. Proof that science and mysticism can exist at the same time without contradiction.

I live in the world of and. You can be purposeful in action and intention and be able to surrender when necessary. Stepping back now and again, you do a dance. The energy and vibration of abundance is movement.”

Kim Serafini

We get to choose whether we learn the hard way or the easy way. I decided to learn in a profitable way – financially, spiritually, energetically, etc.

Kim Serafini

The device in her heart keeps Kim alive. This combination of technology and metaphysics in her physical body, is very similar to what Kim has developed for YOU!

Positive Prime is the application Kim and her talented team have created.  The psychology, neuroscience, and technology of Positive Prime is brilliantly developed to provide a user with accelerated learning, positive changes to their biochemistry, increased intelligence, and a meditative-like mood booster.

During a Positive Prime session, a preconscious process involving music, images, and affirmations are viewed. Science has proved in only THREE MINUTES you, as the viewer, will have positive effects lasting 6-8 hours.

What?! Isn’t that amazing?

I was honored that Kim played a Positive Prime session created for my young students. Take three minutes to experience this session right now.

Speak with Power and Purpose by Jackie Bailey

There is a formula for everything you see in a Positive Prime session, and it is reshuffled every time you watch. At higher speed a Positive Prime session bypasses conscious critical thought. With 11 million bits of information a second which our brains interpret, you’ll still comprehend the messages. It creates a state of non-attachment.

Peacefulness will result when we’re not warring with ourselves.”

Kim Serafini

Positive Prime content helps with grief and trauma; it boosts your immune system; provides success for sales teams; calms chaotic classrooms; makes you more patient, happier, and compassionate.

I have coached Olympians and trained people who want to be the very best.”

Kim Serafini

In 2011 Shawn Achor gave a TED Talk titled The Happy Secret to Better Work. Shawn taught about positive psychology. When Shawn heard about Positive Prime, he was thrilled and tested it. He made note that it “brings about a lasting effect, it scientifically primes your brain, and causes you to comprehend more and retain more.”

Are you wondering about Positive Prime? I’m glad. I hope you’re considering all the ways you can grow by using it.

My session above will give you 10-days free of over 100 different Positive Prime sessions. Watch at least one each day, before an important meeting or performance, before going to sleep, and/or when you need a little energetic boost.

If after the 10 days you choose not to subscribe, you can keep my session and watch it whenever you’d like. I hope you’ll watch it as a family and with your children.

You are truly extraordinary. You are loved, lovely, and loveable!

Kim Serafini

Live in the world of AND as Kim Serafini does and be open to all the possibilities of Positive Prime. Also, check out her wonderful book:

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