We’ve had many guests on our show over the years who’ve specialized in depression and anxiety. No other guest has attacked those conditions with swifter speed and laser accuracy more than does Ana Lennyr.

Ana describes depression as: deep, heavy, and unresolved emotional wounding.

Anxiety is the manifestation of guilt and perfectionism.

Our deep emotional wounding is caused by one or more of the following pain types:

  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Blame
  • Betrayal
  • Abandonment

You are suicidal if all five deep emotional wounds are influencing you.

You have depression if three deep emotional wounds are influencing you.

You have anxiety if two deep emotional wounds are influencing you.

No one can simply manage or cope with these emotional pains. Like a volcano, the symptoms may go dormant, but will always come back.”

Ana Lennyr

Ana’s programs are designed to help you find the emotional pain, retrieve it, fix it, heal it, and rebuild a life free from suffering.

“Consider categories of people who are never depressed. They are monks and yogis because they have achieved true self-mastery.”

Ana Lennyr

Indications you’re harboring emotional pain:

  • Relationship problems
  • Divorce
  • Health issues
  • Depressed children
  • Constant search for personal potential
  • Workaholic behaviors

Only you can fix your problems. I show you how to do that.”

Ana Lennyr

Think of your heart as a magnet. If it has magnetized pain for years, that’s all it knows how to attract. You must learn to change the polarity of your heart, so it won’t magnetize pain anymore.

Not only do our emotional wounds create depression and anxiety, but they also cause cancers and other unhealthy physical conditions.

Did you know the hidden anger of blame will cause gall bladder problems?

Did you know if you’re overweight you likely have emotional wounds such as guilt and embarrassment?

Did you know deep feelings of betrayal lead to heart attacks, high cholesterol, and heart disease?

Did you know the shame of being silenced as a child may result in lung cancer?

You can only save yourself and your child. Suffering is a choice.”

I highly recommend you work with Ana to learn how to live happily, quit making excuses, and get rid of your emotional pain once and for all.

Go to www.TrueSecretsOfLife.Com and be one of the 200 people Ana serves in one day of her programs.

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