Have you ever wanted to…

  • Discover how to live fearlessly?
  • Reconnect to your true spirit?
  • Build a positive relationship with yourself?

It’s time to get radically honest and cleanse your soul. At least, that’s what our recent guest, Dr. Pamela Gerali would tell you. She would also tell you since she’s done what she suggests, she now dances like a divine diva!

I was raised in a small town in a conservative home, and in an ultra-conservative religion. There were so many ‘thou-shalt-nots’ it was easier to list what we could do rather than what we weren’t allowed to do.”

Dr. Pamela Gerali

Living in this religious la-la-land was limiting to Pamela. When she went to college she left the unholy trinity of guilt, shame, and fear behind. She took on a career in healthcare, working with the American Cancer Society and other nonprofits.

While attending a leadership conference Pamela acquired a new vision for her life and left her job upon her return from the event.

Pamela became a spiritual junkie. Her drugs were books, workshops, and the study of self-improvement. Having been raised to believe if knowledge wasn’t directly from the Bible, it was wrong, Pamela felt FEAR. Still, she was driven to learn who she was.

One morning upon awakening, I started receiving divine downloads. Spiritual information flowed into my thoughts and mind for about 6 months.”

Dr. Pamela Gerali

What emerged was a beautiful matrix containing sacred geometry Pamela named The Blueprint for The Human Spirit. You can find her creation on her website DrPamelaGerali.com

I embraced what I learned and began to live my truth. I learned my purpose and why I’m here.”

Dr. Pamela Gerali

Still, Pamela was FEARFUL.

I had discovered a divine databank. The Blueprint for the Human Spirit has five dimensions and five fields of existence. When we release the blocks, baggage, and blinders from our minds, we can live authentically, passionately, and consciously for the greater good.”

Dr. Pamela Gerali

The five dimensions Pamela speaks about are:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Intuitive
  • Spiritual

The five fields are:

  • Quantum
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Global
  • Eternal

I knew I was one with God and that I am an eternal being. Everything changes when we are brought into alignment with our truth and essence. We are all made in the image and likeness of God.

Dr. Pamela Gerali

One balmy morning in October 2001, Pamela experienced a life-changing meditation.

During ninety minutes I relived an intensely dramatic event in fifteen past lives. There were children, men, and women from all walks of life, and they spanned the ages from ancient Mayan times to early 1900’s. Each one revealed a shift in consciousness relevant to our spiritual growth. Each past life mirrored exactly what one aspect of the Blueprint taught.”

Dr. Pamela Gerali

Pamela says the Blueprint is relevant to students of all faiths. The key to changing the world, is not protesting; it’s changing ourselves.

There will be no world peace until we find inner peace.”

Pamela no longer feels FEAR. There is no more FEAR of death, lack, or judgement. Pamela claims each of us can discover the truth of who we are.

Pamela’s book, The Dance of Ego and Essence | Confessions of a Divine Diva came about after a 6-month illness. In a revelation she was told to journal confessions for 40 days. Words came to her, and feelings followed.

In Pamela’s book you can read her confessions about the following (and so many more):

  • From Discipline to Direction
  • From Illness to Wellness
  • From Resentful to Grateful
  • From Desire to Contentment
  • From Addiction to Freedom

Her book has a companion journal so you can walk through and record your 40 day journey. There are meditations and music included.

I am grateful for my beginnings because without that extreme childhood I wouldn’t have searched for anything else. I can see the symbolism now. Everything has come full circle. The whole process was so freeing, I wish everyone could participate in their own soul cleanse.”

Dr. Pamela Gerali

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