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May 22nd, 2012 Guest: Gary S. Malkin: Utilizing The Healing Power of Music for a Happier, Healthier Life.   Gary is one of the creators of the book, Safe In The Arms of Love.  Gary says music is an incredibly powerful phenomenon that touches us in profound ways. For more and more people, music transcends being simply a form of entertainment to become much more: a source of meaning and connection to the soul. This approach to music offers a portal to a new realm, offering a direct experience of music and spirituality in new ways, providing a glimpse into the aural language of sound and spirit. Join our discussion with Gary and you’ll discover how the untapped power of music, when used intentionally, can reduce stress, improve your health, alleviate pain, deepen your relationships, and enhance your capacity for gratefulness.




Spotlight Guest: Lisa Rafel is one of the authors of  Safe In The Arms of Love. Lisa  is a “sound healing” educator, songwriter and singer with four CD’s and numerous recordings.  She is the founder of Resonant Sounds, LLC, an organization that supports heartfelt connection between new parents and their babies through the use of intentional music.  Lisa is also an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, chantress, author and poet. Her transformative programs focus on self-healing techniques using modern scientific principles mixed with practices from ancient and indigenous cultures. Benefiting from her 30 years of acting experience, Lisa is a dynamic speaker. She presents at professional conferences internationally on the use of sound as a tool for health and healing. Lisa has two children and six grandchildren.




Michael Dugan will be calling in to give us an update on the whereabouts of Patricia Hansen and her journey across the United States on her bicycle at 70 years old to raise money for the hungry

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