Imagine being a short, smaller, older person in a Taekwondo sparring match against someone taller, bigger, and younger than you.

Would you have limiting beliefs about your ability to stand your ground and hold your own against such a competitor?

Susan Erickson describes this scenario when she started taking Taekwondo and the intimidation she felt when facing a seemingly more advantaged opponent.

My sensei saw my strength when I could only see my liabilities. He helped me see the advantages I had because of my size and experience.

Susan Erickson

Susan’s sensei helped her discover more about herself than she may have been able to do on her own.

That’s what I do as a life coach now. I help clients see through their limiting beliefs to discover their hidden strength.”

Susan Erickson

Susan Erickson, our recent guest, is not your typical life coach. Her background in healthcare differentiates her from other coaches since she combines art and science to track the efficacy of her clients’ results.

Susan offers clients Mindset Abundance and Leadership Coaching programs.

You can be a very successful person and still not feel content with where you are. It’s usually an indication you are not aligned with your values or not living authentically.

You already have everything you need to manifest what you want.”

Susan Erickson

What changes with an abundance mindset?

Susan reports we all come with limiting beliefs. A small shift in thinking can produce miracles. The goal is to recognize limiting beliefs, then use the tools Susan provides to make a shift in your thinking. It’s a process.

I’m a light house not a lifeboat.”

Susan Erickson

A life coach will help you discover what’s right for you, but never do the work for you.

Coaching can be considered foo-foo, but it is demanding work to discover, change, and move forward. Having a coach will help you believe you can achieve more than you have now with no predetermined outcome.”

Susan Erickson

Fear holds us back and shows up in subtle ways. A coach can help us understand how our emotions are manifesting themselves and keeping our beliefs limited.

To learn a little more about yourself right now, you’re invited to take Susan’s Abundance Quiz here:

Take Susan’s Abundance Quiz

Susan is hosting The Wholestic Institute of Wellness Summit in a few weeks, and you’re invited to attend and hear many experts in areas you’re likely interested in.

Besides, you’ll also be delighted to hear youth speakers from The Speak Feed Lead Project which Susan is supporting and taking donations for.

What is your legacy?

What do you want to be known for?

Visit Susan’s website, take her quiz, attend her summit, and reach out to her on social media. Watch for her programs beginning in October.

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