Jackie Simmons Feb 15, 2022
The Teen Suicide Prevention Society was created by Jackie Simmons to provide stigma-free, pure-prevention programs, books, and products designed to help you easily start “suicide proofing” your friends, family, team, and yourself.
Their goal is to put a buffer between them and the edge, so you never have to talk them off the ledge.
It started with a simple idea: What if, instead of teaching people what signs to look for and ways to intervene, they are given ways to start talking about suicide in a way that didn’t assume someone was “at risk?”
Jackie’s book Make it a Great Day The Choice is Yours contains stories of heartache and stories of triumph.
Each story is designed to help you break the silence. The stories are real, raw, and sometimes comes with dog turds…
Learn more. Break the silence. Have “The Talk.”
Meet Jackie Simmons

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