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July 19th, 2011 Guest: Rickie Byars Beckwith, First lady of New Thought Soul Music talks about her uplifting New book “Let My Soul Surrender” and music CD. A beautiful compilation of spirit. Also joining us is Diane Rose Kelly, lead singer of JAYLA music, published author,poet & composer that has performed with Ricki at Agape, Rythym & Soul Festival. Join us LIVE for some SOUL full vibrations Tuesdays, noon central,

The Book and Music CD, Rickie has been inspired to author an exceptional book of poetic prose, memoir and storytelling styles that converge in a colorful mosaic of imagery and memories that has been dedicated to Mama, the most heroic being in her life.  Within ” Let My Soul Surrender” is her uplifting CD which brings forth her honesty, humor and wisdom and Spirit. Often referred to as the First Lady of New Thought Music, Rickie serves as Music and Arts Director to the Agape International Spiritual Center and  along her side is Rev. Michael Beckwith which forwarded this work of art and co wrote some of the songs her this beautiful work of SOUL full music.  This work conveys her connection to the Divine and it displays Rickie sacred evolution as planetary citizen and divine spirit. Listen in as the Divine Diva of SOUL works through Spirit to uplift your Own Evolution. Walk along side with us as she draws us into her world,sitting in her home, her front porch,at a temple with the Dalai Lama or out on tour with James Brown. Let her SOUL touch your Spirit.

A Woman with a Vision

Our guest during the fouth segment of todays show is Diane Rose Kelly,”Woman with a Vision” Lead singer for Rythym and Blues Spiritual group JAYLA , published author “reflections of a visionsary’s path, composer, poet and SOUL connection. JAYLA has performed at many venues that have included the Rhythm and Soul Festival along with Ricki BB and Michael Beckwith & Festival of Enlightenment in and

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