When I was in high school I took German to satisfy a foreign language requirement. Learning to communicate with different people and learning about another culture was fun and interesting. Since I never went to Germany I never fully immersed myself in the language.

What if you were fluent in three additional languages which you’ve forgotten? Our recent guest suggests this is likely the case, and that your soul is trying to communicate with you in unique ways.

Years ago, Jennifer Urezzio was in marketing and PR. Having to “lie” to clients was frustrating and uncomfortable. She felt she was missing out on her true calling.  

One day while in the middle of a mud bath, grasping therapeutic stones in her hands and pondering her dilemma, Jennifer asked the powers that be, where are my people?

I wondered why I connected with some individuals instantly and knew right away when I didn’t like someone. I heard the words soul language.”

Jennifer Urezzio

Inspiration was born!

There’s no such thing as a dark night of the soul, everyone! Your soul is whole and complete. It’s the human that is so far away from the soul we must travel through a dark tunnel.”

Jennifer Urezzio

It’s the internal which creates external experiences. We have all knowledge inside of us, but we don’t remember it.”

Jennifer Urezzio

What is soul language?

Soul Language gives words to three core energies of your soul.”

Jennifer Urezzio

1. Your Mission

You’ve been living your mission and purpose since you were born. It’s what you’re profoundly here to experience, but we don’t always know the delivery system.”

Jennifer Urezzio

Equalizer is Jennifer’s first soul language. It’s her mission. Balance seems to happen in real time wherever Jennifer goes.

2. How you’ll be known – the fuel of your mission.

Jennifer’s soul language for this core energy is Teacher of Integrity. She has the gift to see where people are living outside of love, and she helps them get more aligned with integrity. She will find every mistake and glitch.

3. Soul Full Personality – how our soul prefers to go through life.

The soul language of Jennifer’s personality is Graceful Warrior. She realized it is a gift of courage and strength.

Being conscious is a practice. Living with knowledge and acceptance of who you are makes you whole and complete. Sometimes we outsmart ourselves, and I help you get connected again.”

Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer and her team of practitioners guide you to find your soul languages through Therapeutic Kinesiology. When Jennifer works with someone through the process she feels as though she is being pushed or pulled in different directions. It’s a process that everyone can learn.

Push and Pull

Your Enneagram can change in time, but your soul languages have always been the same and will always be the same your whole life. Once they are identified you don’t have to repeat the process.”

Jennifer Urezzio

Discovering your soul languages has many benefits:

  • Less friction in life
  • Less suffering
  • Less operating from programming versus truth
  • Direct communication with your soul
  • Always know the truth
  • Practical tool in every situation
  • Jumpstart to your transformation

Do you really want to make every decision based on what you were taught in second grade? As humans we aren’t disagreeing with our soul, we’ve simply been taught wrong. We are here to participate fully, and not to suffer. If you’re not operating consciously there is always conflict.

Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer reminds us that our soul and divinity are speaking to us. Intuition will naturally expand, but we must ask questions. It’s a co-creative process.

When your soul language is identified it may feel foreign because it’s been so underutilized. It may take practice to learn to “speak” your soul language.

Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer’s statement made me think of the blue tang fish, Dori in the movie Finding Nemo. Remember her line? “I didn’t know I could speak whale.”

Dori from Disney’s Finding Nemo

We have been raised to ignore our body and not listen to our soul. It may take practice to remember the languages we are fluent in.  

Jennifer’s book is a textbook of soul languages. It comes with a discovery session to get one of your languages identified. Jennifer suggests you read her book after you know your soul languages to gain additional information. She also warns:

Don’t read with your head. You’ll get stuck with what your mind thinks rather than what your soul is guiding you to do.”

Jennifer Urezzio
Soul Language by Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer also offers the gift of a Sacred Practice. Taking advantage of her gift will help you create a foundation of connection to Source so when challenges come up, you won’t be misguided through the dip of the event.

“A Sacred Practice should be integrated into your life. I’ll suggest ways to keep your practice fresh, and to develop a deep connection with self to know you’re loved and supported.”

As we were closing the show Jennifer offered a prayer for both Todd and I from her other book: Little Book of Prayers.

To me, A Prayer of Understanding

Today I am tuned in to my central nature that knows the path to understanding clarity; allowing, and accepting that I am human, and I might be afraid of what is next. Yet, I can pause and allow my central self to fill me with safety, and in doing so understand and let clarity emerge.

For Todd, Letting Go of Fear

I know my mind is trying to take control of my truth, and with full love in my heart I bless my mind and allow myself to pause and feel the truth deep within my soul knowing that all is well, and I am safe. I can feel the beginning of change that this knowing that I am safe creates in my life starting right here and now.

I haven’t used my high school German very much, but I look forward to becoming fluent in my soon-to-be-discovered Soul Languages!

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