Our guest Stefani Arend supports our individual journey to understand our bodies better. This radio show co-host learned that our body speaks a particular language, and we should each learn to communicate more readily with ourselves to find inner peace with our inner self.

Stefanie joined us all the way from Germany, and (despite technical difficulties) provided information about YIN YOGA, which is a method that focuses less on muscle stretching, and more on fascia stretching.

Stefanie Arend has many videos on YouTube demonstrating YIN YOGA techniques. Watch her YIN YOGA Sequence to Relax + Improve Sleep.

Stefanie Arend was a wonderful guest. A few of the nuggets she taught us today are as follows:

  • We have many nerve endings in our fascia, and when fascia is not stretched regularly we can have pain, especially in our back.
  • Fascia is the connective tissue in our body, and wraps around all of our cells.
  • Only 70% of a stretch is required to give the fascia a boost of flexibility in about 3-5 minutes.
  • The benefits of YIN YOGA are amazing.
  • In the past, Fascia was considered by physicians as “packing material”. There has been an awakening of its importance to our health.
  • Fascia has more to do with flexibility in our bodies than does muscle.
  • Stefanie uses YIN YOGA at night before bed to give her restful sleep.
  • YIN YOGA and YANG YOGA work well together.
  • Start with whatever amount of time you have. No minimums, no requirements.
  • Be patient with yourself.

Check out Stefanie’s other YouTube videos to try YIN YOGA out before you buy her book, BE HEALTHY WITH YIN YOGA.

Stefanie warns us: YIN YOGA is addictive!


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