Most of us are reactionary. In the moment when a strong emotion hits us, we would benefit from disconnecting from what may be a poor reaction. Instead, we should observe the situation and reflect on a better decision for the moment. Disconnect and observe unconditional love. This will always start with self-first. Then giving love to everyone around you will make it well in the end.”

Michael Challenger
Just D.O.U.L. It. Disconnect. Observe. Unconditional Love.

Our guest illustrated this process by wearing a t-shirt as a reminder of the steps:

Just D.O.U.L. It. Disconnect. Observe. Unconditional Love.

Michael Challenger feels he’s been able to navigate life better than most because of his awareness abiding by this acronym.

The acronym stops me in my tracks. It’s deep enough to get me out of any situation without anger. I’m aware of different reactions possible.”

Michael Challenger

This is part of Michaels programs based on his personal journey as a dancer, actor, producer, film maker, etc. He admits to feeling paralyzed by fear in many areas of his life. He called it unconsciously competent.

Michael has always been confident in the execution of ideas but was afraid to talk about the emotions of what the idea meant to him. When he understood how paralyzed he would become at times, Michael studied himself, and discovered his own methodology to conquer fear.

Michael Challenger

His programs now help other people to conquer their own fears.  

Michael’s journey is an interesting one of discovery. Both being discovered, and his discovery of self.

When I was a kid I thought I had a superpower. I was raised by a single mother and knew we couldn’t afford extras like board games. Despite that, I wanted some board games. Without ever voicing this, a substitute teacher began to give me board games. I was convinced I made it happen. I knew I had a superpower.”

Michael Challenger

When Michael was twelve years old, he saw a trio of performers on stage. Even though acting had never entered his mind, he liked what he saw. He had always been afraid to use his voice, but a teacher at his high school suggested he try it.

I was invited to attend a performing arts program. Despite the preconceived notions in my mind about actors, I showed up. I liked the teacher and became obsessed with performing.”

Michael Challenger

Soon a talent scout discovered Michael and made a comment to his mother that “if Michael sticks with this he will be successful in the industry”.

Michael was soon in competitions, music videos, and fashion shows. He wasn’t sure it was what he wanted, but he knew he didn’t want to live merely scratching the surface. At age 17 he got his first theater gig in Italy.

Michael was embraced by the country working for a cruise line performing in their shows. He started travelling to different parts of the world and his career took off. The opportunities came for Michael because someone saw something in him he didn’t see in himself. If he had allowed fear to rule his thoughts, Michael would not have done half of what he did.

The “pressure to be” kept Michael going. He was accountable, easygoing, kind, and enjoying the experience of new things. More and more choices presented to Michael brought with them fear. Fear of taking full responsibility for his life going forward.

Public speaking was a fear for me. When time came to open my mouth, everything became cloudy. Nothing made sense. Things slowed down and I couldn’t catch my thoughts. I would think to myself, ‘I’m never doing this again’.”

Michael Challenger

Michael eventually conquered his fear of public speaking, but admits he had to willingly work on it.

If you don’t practice, even programs like Toastmasters won’t help. Fear can protect us. It gives us the heightened ability to sense danger, but we may also associate it with the bigger and better things we want.”

Michael Challenger

Michael was at one time a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars, a television show which brings celebrities into dance competitions despite not being dancers. They are paired up with a dance professional who teaches, coaches, and prepares them for competition.

Behind the scenes you’re partnered with a celebrity, and you have a very short period to teach them a dance. I witnessed crying, doubt, and fear from these celebrities off camera. They would remark, ‘I’m not going to be ready’; ‘I can’t do this’.

But when the camera came on the fear dissipated. They were ready to go. We are capable of much more than we imagine. Obviously, some people failed on stage, but that’s okay. Being beside them and being the reassurance for them was amazing.

Michael Challenger

Michael has always had a knack for coaching others. Now, as a life, performance, and self-development coach he finally feels fulfillment. He sees in his clients that when pressure is on them, they are amazing and can push through the fear.

When you’ve set intentions and you fail, it’s still a good experience. You learn from it.”

Michael Challenger

Michael provided Todd and I some steps to battle fear and melt it away.

Intention. You must be truly clear about what you want to accomplish.

Action. It takes a helluva lotta work every day. Action cancels fear.

Consistency. Maintain a strong work ethic.

Boldness. Make choices without reservation. If this is truly meant for you, fear will subside.

When the camera comes on, and/or the curtain goes up, you’ll feel ready!

Michael Challenger

You will find The Mini Success Workbook free on Michael’s website. HERE

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