Our most recent guest, Zen Cryar DeBrucke achieved incredible success seemingly overnight because of something gentle and kind living inside of her.

In 8 years, Zen went from

  • Being a high school drop-out to…
  • Getting her high school diploma at night school to…
  • Going to community college to…
  • Getting a four-year degree at UC Davis in Foreign Policy to…
  • Starting her own import/export company to…
  • Being one of the first San Franciscan internet design CEO’s in 1997

Zen describes a rough childhood from which she emancipated herself from her parents and the Jerry-Springer-like stuff going on in her family.

The drama was keeping me from making anything of myself, and I came out of the drama with a self-sabotaging personality and living in my car.”

Zen Cryar DeBrucke

At the age of 22 a friend gave Zen a cassette tape of Abraham Hicks, which is when she first learned of an internal guidance system. She took this to heart and began to observe the relationship between her thoughts and an “opening” or “closing” in her throat, heart, and solar plexus chakras.

Zen started decoding her thoughts .She observed a tightness in the chakra centers just before she’d do something self-sabotaging.  On the other hand, when Zen could center, relax, and open by changing her thoughts, she felt aligned with purpose.

I was a high school dropout living in a car to having an incredible career in San Francisco by following the “openings” and making the best choice for the most effective successful outcome.

I was able to go so far so quickly because I was reprogramming my brain towards being a successful leader with every little decision I was making along the way.

Zen Cryar DeBrucke

All day long we will either feel “open”, “closed”, or “neutral” because of our thoughts.

Zen explains the following thought-proceeding experiences are always “closed”:

  • Stress
  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Rushing
  • Procrastination
  • Irritation
  • Frustration
  • Guilt

Zen described the sensations associated with being closed:

A lump in the throat, tightness in the chest, or a rock-like feeling in the solar plexus. It may be slight and doesn’t have to be big.”

The throat is representative of self-disempowerment

The chest is real-time info about what we’re thinking

The solar plexus is our belief system

These sensations are related only to what we THINK. They are not related to anything external. Stress is related to the way we THINK about something.”

Zen Cryar DeBrucke

Conversely, Zen described the feelings associated with being open:

It’s a feeling of expansion – like something breathed them. It’s an upward shaped V that arises between the solar plexus and the throat.”

Zen Cryar DeBrucke

Neutral is where you’re not having anything happen. You may feel your comfortable self.

Everyone is born with this system. It’s already activated in your life. Once we learn to use it it’s going to be one of the greatest break throughs for the human species. We will no longer have to be stuck in shame and confusion. The old patterns will go away.

Zen Cryar DeBrucke

Our interview with Zen was such a gift. She is teaching people to tap into their innate guidance system and to use it throughout their day.

Our Internal Guidance System (IGS) is different from our intuition. Zen explains this in detail in our interview, and it would benefit you to watch it at length, however this may whet your appetite:

Every single person has both intuition and an internal guidance system (IGS). The IGS works the same way in every person in every culture. Intuition on the other hand comes with multiple gifts and it operates differently for everyone.”

Zen Cryar DeBrucke

The IGS knows things our mind doesn’t know. We use our IGS to discover the truth and accuracy of everything.

Zen received personal answers and guidance about a cancer scare. She was open to questions she asked about treatment and went through the process of surgery without fear because she had direct medical answers from her IGS.

You’re never alone. There is something helping you at every moment. It’s gentle, kind, and it’s living inside you. It’s been there the whole time.”

Zen Cryar DeBrucke

Zen’s book is a helpful resource, and even more so are her programs through the Smart Soul Academy. You may start immediately learning about your IGS with Zen’s first three practices at MyMindSpark.Com.

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