Our recent guest, Dr. Philip C. Agrios, D.C. has discovered something entirely new. It’s so new, and in many ways counterintuitive to “normal” thinking, that I’m not even sure I understand it fully.

As so often moments of clarity follow moments of confusion, Dr. Agrios made his discovery while in that cycle.

As a practicing chiropractor Dr. Agrios treated people with chronic illnesses. One day he realized in sadness that he had not met his 5-year goals.

When you find something no one else has discovered you have to go through some stuff.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

“Stuff” came in the form of losing his business; destroying a marriage; developing a painful medical condition; losing his father to death; and almost losing his daughter the same way.

Though it took thirty years to reach the destination, Dr. Agrios has no regrets.

I would have never discovered what I did without the tragic journey I took.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

What he discovered was Life’s One Law. His finding has brought him success he enjoys sharing.

Now I can predict my future.

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

The process of discovering a self-sabotaging trait which protects us, and which is successful 100% of the time at helping us make life-altering decisions for good is only one part of Dr. Agrios’ program.

He’s tried to disprove the effectiveness of his solution, but he cannot. It is tried and true 100%. As soon as someone learns the antidote to their sabotaging trait they immediately go into a cycle of growth. It’s unavoidable.

Dr. Agrios has created seminars, internet courses and other programs so you and I may be helped by the same principles he now practices to attain optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

He describes Life’s One Law:

Energy is directed, supplied and connected to us, and is acted upon from the planet. Nature uses six steps to recover from storms. We use the same six steps to heal from challenges, trauma, and health issues.

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

Three Saboteur traits are Director, Supplier, and Communicator.

Director Saboteur:

This person is scattered. They finish 99% of something and then give up. They don’t trust themselves and enjoy chaos. In the extreme they can become hyper focused, irresponsible, and unaccountable.

Supplier Saboteur

This person gives and gives. They can’t say no. If they give to themselves they feel selfish. They are easily taken advantage of. In the extreme, they become narcissistic, then feel guilty and over-give again.

Communicator Saboteur

This person is loyal. They’d rather hold back than express themselves. They over process things, don’t want to feel stupid, so they don’t confront people. In the extreme they may say mean or unkind things.

Anyone can take a quiz on Dr. Agrios’ website to learn your trait. Click here for quiz

This is only the tip of the iceberg. You also get a 30-minute strategy call with me to dive a little deeper, and to learn your antidote.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

Dr. Agrios cautions:

Read the instructions to the quiz. Answer as if you are living in old patterns, such as when you were a teen or a child.

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

In the strategy session, be ready to share a problem. Dr. Agrios promises breakthroughs will happen.

You can 10x your business and relationships once you know the antidote.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

Then Dr. Agrios offers a 5-week online course where you’ll discover one word that stops your goals from being achieved.

One word? It cannot be that simple.

It works 100% of the time. Your life comes down to one sentence. You’ll get 100% of your money back if after the second week you don’t see results. The next courses begin on March 9th and March 17th.”

Dr. Philip C. Agrios

There is so much more in his book. You need to get it and read it. Within two weeks you can make huge shifts in yourself, employees, and/or relationships.

Right now when you go to www.BookWithDrPhil.com 15% of the cost for anything you sign up for will go to The Speak Feed Lead Project.

I appreciate the kindness and generosity of Dr. Agrios. He has sponsored youth speakers, and now helping us in this way is going above and beyond.

Learn Life’s One Law, because it can be that simple.

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