When I heard James Redfield was scheduled to be on the show, I began to read his first book, The Celestine Prophecy. I’d heard about it years ago and thought it would be like so many other self-help books written by guests we’ve had on the show. Please, don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every book I’ve read related to our guests. In this instance, however, I was completely surprised to discover The Celestine Prophecy is a novel.

As I read the compelling adventure story about a man seeking for higher knowledge and power, I was made to wonder, “is this a novel, or did this really happen?”

Within a few days of reading, I’d reached the inspirational conclusion, excited to learn there was an Afterword section wherein I was taught how to apply the insights of the book into my life. In other words, a NOVEL taught me SELF-HELP.

The Celestine Prophecy, published in 1994, sat at #1 on the NY Times best seller list for 3 years. It has ended up being the first of many literary successes for James Redfield.

James Redfield

[The Celestine Prophecy] is about tuning in to spiritual insights; understanding how the world really works from the viewpoint of consciousness and moving the world to a better place.”

James Redfield

Working with troubled teenagers as a therapist at the time of its creation, his work was the laboratory for The Celestine Prophecy. James put the information he’d taught into a living story based on his experiences, and those of others.

Inspiration energy, heart based, emotion-based energy, can only be achieved in a story with believable characters. We live in a spiritually designed universe. Until you know how to get in alignment with that design, life is materialistic at best.”

James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy shares a consensus of thought on the key experiences of spirituality, a scientific wave of thought starting with Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who introduced the idea of spirituality into the scientific world.

The book began as a pass-along book. James shared the manuscript with many people, who shared it with others. Within 6 months The Celestine Prophecy was everywhere in the 1990’s.

Why the resurgence now?

It’s a new time in the world because of three very different generations on the earth.

Baby Boomers are retiring with time on their hands. They’re asking the higher questions: What can I do to leave a legacy? What can I do to be of service?

Millennials (children of boomers) are reaching an impactful point in life. They’re looking at year 40 coming at them; and for answers to the question: Is there more to this life?  They have the education, the job, the family, but still feel incomplete.

The Gen X’ers are looking at their future with questions: How can I afford college? Can I be successful? Am I going to be okay?”

Three generation are starting to search for answers. The Celestine Prophecy speaks to this quest. More people are meditating than ever before.

It’s a new time, and people are passing the book along again.

The characters in the book are searching for clues to discover hidden and valuable insights that will raise spiritual consciousness. During the interview, James shared a few of the insights:

  1. Synchronicity. Many people doubt it, but if it’s real, and we actually do receive help from above, then all spiritual consciousness is real. This is where the journey begins
  2. Evolving earth forward through consciousness. It’s our birthright
  3. Karma. There is consensus building about karmic structure. If you’re a giver, and aligned with synchronicity, you’ll surround yourself with givers. If you’re a taker, and misleading other people, you’ll draw more takers into your life.
  4. Mediation. Finding your intuition. Quiet your mind and set a mantra to open your heart and feel love. Love brings stability and peace; and keeps you from getting cynical.

There are 5 more insights found in the story of The Celestine Prophecy. Insight 10 (provided after the story ends) is tuning in to the afterlife. Recognizing the reality of angels and the concept of heaven.

The new edition has an Afterword about how to stay awake after the journey and discovery found in the book.

Live the insights and get in alignment with how the world really works. Get on the path of service. We are intuitively guided when we have an open heart and mind. We set ourselves up for synchronicity. That brings us to dreaming, and then the dream begins to unfold.”

James Redfield invites us to connect with uplifting energy and live a higher consciousness.

Visit his website and join the online community being built which you can be part of. The Celestine Vision

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