No one will ever value you more than you value yourself.”

Sue Wilhite

Our recent guest, Sue Wilhite reminded us that we must understand and feel our full value for others to do the same.

Trauma will create strong emotions and thoughts of “I’m not worth it, I’m not valued”. It gets written to our biofield and stays there. The vibration of those thoughts and emotions influences the entire field. Continued reinforcing of the same emotions, will deepen the damage of that part of our bio magnetic field.

Your birthright is abundance, bounty, and prosperity. You are literally surrounded by abundance. Frequencies allow us to connect with that abundance and pick up the resonance of the abundance. We aren’t bringing it in but removing the stuff that gets in the way.

Sue Wilhite

Sue Wilhite explains that our bodies produce some of the most powerful drugs there are. We have a pharmaceutical company in our heads. Allowing the body to use those natural ways to heal is how she helps her clients as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner.

Biofield Tuning is the perfect blend of left and right brain. There are parts that are woo-woo and out there, and yet there are rules of physics that underly it which are mathematically demonstrated.”

Sue Wilhite

Having used and enjoyed Sound Healing with bowls, Sue recognizes the very powerful healing which takes place. However, sound bowls are not portable.

I can carry an entire session of tuning forks in one backpack.”  

Sue Wilhite

During a session, Sue will sound a tuning fork and place it into your biofield. If there is no resistance, she continues moving the fork. However, Sue will find “blocked”, “damaged”, or “tangled” parts of your biofield left there from trauma. When she discovers this damage, to her it feels as though she has just run into Jell-O.

I learned our bodies are all energy. It’s electricity. That electricity creates our biofield roughly 3-4 feet in a  bubble around our body. Thoughts are things which cause a chemical reaction in our brain, heart, and gut. These emotions generate more thoughts, and the vibration of these thoughts may cause damage to our biofield.

The tuning forks are used to find the damaged or blocked parts of our biofield. By holding them in a cluster of damage to our biofield, Sue can unblocked or untangle the energy that has been warped. The thought, belief, and/or emotion goes away.

The best part is that you don’t even need to know what caused the block or damage. You don’t have to recall it, live through it, or deal with it. It can simply be found through Biofield Tuning and taken away.”

Sue Wilhite

Sue claims once you get into alignment, abundance flows in opportunity, people, or a big check. She cautions us to understand that we often look for abundance to show up in a certain way and overlook it when it has already shown up.

It’s like ordering off a menu at a restaurant, then refusing the plate when it’s brought to you. We often refuse what we asked for without knowing it.

Sue Wilhite

Some of the blocks Sue has helped her clients heal from are feelings like nothing is working, or opportunities aren’t coming, we’ve hit a glass ceiling, or we’re being sabotaged by a boss or loved one.

What you see in the world is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside you. If you think your boss is not supportive, it’s because you’re not supportive of yourself. We often undermine our success because of the blocks we put in our own way.

Sue Wilhite

Sue can’t claim that Biofield Tuning heals medical conditions, and yet she has had clients who claim it has. They’ve experienced healed lung issues and headaches instantaneously.

Our emotions write information into our physical body, and the body struggles with it until it can be cleared.”

Sue Wilhite

It’s important to remember: “No one will ever value you more than you value yourself.”

Value yourself enough to check into Sue Wilhites programs. Quit holding onto emotional blocks. Let them go and heal your biofield. Abundance will then flow into your life.

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