Dr. Elena Mustakova-Possardt Feb 22, 2022
She is a spiritually-oriented integral psychologist and psychotherapist.
Her work integrates mindfulness-based understanding of moment-to-moment human resilience with an overall developmental and psychodynamic perspective on whole-person healing and development.
Elena believes psychological and spiritual health are inseparable, and healing requires work with the brain, mind, body, soul, and transforming the sociocultural contexts which generate suffering.
Elena works with people from a deep belief in the presence of Spirit in our lives, and with reverence for the unique perspectives each person brings.
She is the author of Global Unitive Healing Elena’s psychotherapeutic practice is informed by her experience as an educator and social scientist with three and a half decades of work on the evolution of human consciousness and social transformation in cross-cultural contexts.
Meet Dr. Elena Mustakova

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