Who does not want more energy? Who does not want to feel as though all cylinders of your life, business, and health are firing at the right time and in the right way?

Our recent guest, Juan Miolan is a life energy coach. He recognizes that entrepreneurs who have children can often find themselves backfiring and burned out. Trying to “balance” priorities between home and business usually saps entrepreneurial energy instead of igniting it.

Juan Miolan gave us insight into the answers to solve these common problems, and to get out of the exhaustion cycle.

From early childhood Juan experienced the downside of mental health since his mother struggled with it. Juan learned the importance of taking care of what is between our ears, and what is in our heart. He set out on a journey to explain his own exhaustion, insomnia, and a lack of personal success.

Juan studied spirituality, brain health, neuroscience, quantum mechanics and ancient philosophy with a goal to get answers about how parent business owners, coaches, and the like can be their best without sacrificing one area of life to have success in another.

If our health fails, everything else fails.”

Juan Miolan

Juan coaches his clients about the importance of integrating all aspects of health into human wholeness. With four elements of focus, its not that one element is more important than another – we must master all of them together.

The four laws are: spirituality, mental health, emotional health, and physical health. What do we biologically and physiologically need?

Juan Miolan

Juan claims exercise is not always the best place to start, even though we have been taught to do so when it comes to “getting into shape”. Instead, it helps to understand the brain and the mind are separate and different from each other. Juan proclaims we must focus on neuro nutrition, and what we can do to allow our brain to function at full capacity.

I always like to start with truth. Transformation happens through truth, not strategies. A lot of us are trying to change without understanding our body and how our brain and belief system operates. You can’t get to the next level of health without the next level of mindset; and you can’t get to the next level of mindset without the next level of health.”

Juan Miolan

Juan encourages us to set more heart-felt goals.

I want to help people come alive in their purpose. Recognize that you don’t have an energy problem, you have an energy distribution problem.

Juan Miolan

A lot of our thoughts are contracting, rather than empowering our success. For instance, Juan says we should think about starting to move before starting to exercise. Hops and twists will help our lymphatic system to release toxins and stress. Exercise is a hormone stressor. To recover from this stressor, we need proper sleep and nutrition.

Juan provided for all of you his Small Movement Library: Click Here

There is an order to how we should do things. Exercising hours and hours takes us away from family and other important things. Health does not require you to suffer.”

Juan Miolan

Other trainers do not look at your belief systems, they simply suggest you work harder and more often to reach your goals. Not always helpful.

It’s important to have a strong and true relationship with yourself.”

Juan Miolan

Juan offered another gold nugget of information: When it comes to nutrition, we need to consider what food means to us. Food is connected to our experiences, and as we try to remove some of these foods from our diet, we should understand our intimacy with them. Our brain creates neuro connections with food which represents feelings we have had with family or community. This neuro relationship makes it hard to give up the foods we love. Juan says the answer is to rewrite the meaning of that food in our life’s script.

Live through the heart and tap into what you really want to feel. Be compassionate with yourself.

Juan Miolan
Juan Miolan

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Here’s Juan’s Small Movement Library once again: Click Here

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