Amanda Hainline Jan 18, 2022
Amanda Hainline‘s chakras blew open simultaneously as she experienced the kundalini energy rising from the base of her spine up through her head! Her kundalini awakenint triggered an ability to hear and perceive new information from unseen forces that opened Amanda to her own healing techniques.
The highly effective array of her energy-transforming techniques have been compiled in her Amazon #1 bestseller, Feel Better in Five Minutes. This comprehensive set of protocols, practices and resources are a roadmap for releasing the emotional pain and trauma, physical ailments, self-judgement and general dissatisfaction with life that plagues so many.
Amanda has become a world-renowned hands-on healer using the techniques she offers in her book. She believes everyone should have these tools at hand for a quick pick-up or a life changing transformation. 
Meet Amanda Hainline

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