Lynda Sunshine West May 11, 2023
She ran away at 5 years old and was gone an entire week, came home riddled with fears and, in turn, became a people-pleaser.
At age 51, she decided to break through one fear every day for a year and, in doing so, she gained an exorbitant amount of confidence.
Her mission is to empower 5 million women and men to write their stories to make a greater impact on the planet.
Lynda is the Founder and CEO of Action Takers Publishing, a Speaker, 22-Time #1 International Bestselling Author, Contributing Writer at Entrepreneur Magazine and Brainz Magazine, Executive Film Producer of the movie Wish Man, and Red Carpet Interviewer.
Books: Momentum: 13 Lessons From Action Takers Who Changed the World; The Fearless Entrepreneurs and Invisible No More; Invincible Forever More.
Meet Lynda Sunshine West

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