I have used the excuse of jet lag for far too many days now post my Italy trip and am thinking the static in my head has to do with the fact that I have moved from one home, which I lived in for 20 years to a new delightful home which I adore. Adorable or not, the shift in energy is palpable. It is as if I were one of those bobble dolls, my body steadfast and immovable and my head bobbing around at a hundred rotations a minute, all for not. I am sure you have had such experiences.

How to regain a feeling of center?

With the lure of a warm bed, cozy comforters and deep pillows beckoning for my afternoon attention, today I ventured out from behind the moving boxes, from the sorting things out, from the ‘which cabinet will these dishes go in” deep questioning that a far-too-organized type like myself gets trapped in and did something novel. I went outside. The weather has been gorgeous, cool and downright inviting here in Houston. I was amazed at how fast my over-worked body seem to regain a sense of humanness.
I did not need sleep, I needed movement.

A simple walk down the new street, time spent listening to the birds, a few hello’s with my new neighbors and I felt like a new woman.

We all get bombarded with life’s pulls and demands. Some of us regain our energy through a nap, others, like I learned today, by returning to nature for a while.

How do you regain your center? Share your thoughts with your fellow Holistic Living lovelies.

Blessings to you all!
Tina Marie
The Evokateur

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